Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Watch List

1. Winter Gloves: With a full-length album due in March this Montreal band has recorded a cover of one of my favorite songs of all-time. You should also check out their digital ep due in Feb. called Let Me Drive (mp3). Listen to: Someone Great (LCD Soundsystem Cover) (mp3)
2. Thunders: Indianapolis is home to this fuzzy jangle-pop group. Their music is fun and fresh. They just released their debut ep THE SYMPATHETIC OSCILLATIONS.
3. Brighten Up: Combining electronic music with organic instrumentation and vocals, this Chicago band is tearing up the local scene. Listen to: Fond (mp3)

1. Shaving by Ben Segal: Duct taped eyelids are not the best way to avoid eye contact.
2. A Thousand Miles Away by Kyle Hemmings: A chilling winter tale.
3. Two Poems by G. Emil Reutter: Stories from Philly.
4. Punches by Daniel Casebeer: Short, but action-packed. It made me want to listen to The Shins.
5. A Manifesto is an Invoice by Tung-Hui Hu: A manifesto about writing a manifesto.
6. Duck Sauce by Mike Topp: It's a minute, but read it twice.
7. Flash Flicker Fire by Mary Hamilton: Mary read this at the last Orange Alert Reading and it was amazing!

1. Keyhole Issue #5
2. redblackbrown calander

1. Adele "Melt My Heart" (Johnny Polygon and Green Lantern Remix) (mp3)
2. Novel's 808's & Mixtapes

1. Theresa Andersson "Birds Fly Away" (mp3)
2. Tokyo Police Club "Your English is Good"
3. Sidewalk Chalk "Lights Out"
4. Yea Big & Kid Static "Mega Man" (Live)
5. Gable "Drunk Fox in London"

GaBLĂ© / Drunk fox in London
Uploaded by yannick-lecoeur


Lauren Busch Singer said...

If you like the sweet sounds of Theresa Andersson, check out her rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on FUNKY KIDZ. Theresa and 11 other of New Orleans' finest do unique covers of classic kids songs we all know and love (Zip a Dee Doo Dah, Yellow Submarine and more). Perfect for the kid in all of us. WWW.FUNKYKIDZMUSIC.COM

Lelia said...

Theresa Andersson is my new favorite artist! I read about her on a blog last year and then got her album Hummingbird, Go! Which is one of my favorite releases of 2008.

If you have not seen her play live, you are in for a treat - check out this video of how she performs ‘Birds Fly Away”

It will BLOW your mind!!!

Anonymous said...

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