Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Watch List

1. Loyal Divide: This Chicago band just released one of the most surprising EP of year. You have to check it out! You can stream all four songs here.
2. Milk at Midnight: The third release from this Chicago band is filled with driving rhythms and hard edges. They are celebrating the release of Less Love More Acid at The Empty Bottle of Dec. 12th.
3. Inchworm: Local favorites, Inchworm just released their third album called Sheep in Wolf's Clothing. It filled with folk rock melodies beg for a simpler life.

1. Undo by Martin Reed: A fast-paced story about driving and typing and so much more.
2. Western Bridges by Tobias Carroll: A hitchhikers journey.
3. Tulum by Tim Hall: This is actually an except for Tim's new book Full of It.
4. Cookie Hour by Jimmy Chen: Mmmm, an hour of Cookies!
5. When This Borrowed Car Burns by Sean Patrick Hill: A small scene of regret.
6. Now This by Joe Ashby Porter: I wanted something different and found a story of a military pilot.
7. Loneliness: Fourteen Variations by Barbara Hurd: Not the happiest story but well written.

1. Plustapes: Chicago is helping to bring back the cassette.
2. Orangyporangy: Handcrafted fashion from Madison.
3. Jennifer Davis has a new line of greeting cards with Vandalia Street Press. Check it out!

1. Blanket 2nd Anniversary Issue: I can't believe Blanket has been around for two years already! 2. A free education in the music of The Last Poets from the fine folks at Milk Crate Breaks.

1. Billy Collins "The Best Cigarette"
2. Boy Least Likely To "The First Snowflake"
3. Butch Walker "The Weight of Her"
4. Daniel Maurer reading from "Brocabulary: A new Man-i-festo of Dude Talk": This book was an embarrassment, and to see him reading you can tell he feels it.


Tobias said...
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Tobias said...

Glad to hear you liked "Western Bridges". I have some random thoughts on the story and its inspiration on The Scowl.

Anonymous said...

Reading from "his novel"? Huh?

Jason said...

If you are talking about Brocabulary, it's not actually a novel. It is more like a dictionary for the Jerry Springer fan. There is a difference between satire and stupidity and Mr. Maurer hasn't figured that out yet.

Martin Reed said...

Pleased to see you enjoyed Undo. Big thanks for including me in the list.

Anonymous said...

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