Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Watch List

1. Conductive Alliance: This Chicago band reminds me a lot of a more organic version of The Books. It's creative instrumental folk that is as inventive as it is soothing.
2. Zelienople: Showing the ambient side of Chicago music, Zelienople has been perfecting their drone for several years. Their latest release is actually the soundtrack for a 25 minute video by Donald Prokop called Land of Smoke.
3. Bully in the Hallway: Just finishing their debut, Chicago's Bully in the Hallway have raw rock sound that can make some noise in 2009.

1. Self-Portrait by Jason Cook: Self portraits are always the hardest.
2. A Bundle of Nerves by Lois McShane: Conversations at work are always somehow more interesting.
3. Harvest Time by Michael Lee Johnson: Calliope Nerve is now on-line!
4. Gretchen by Karl Koweski: How does someone come to be called Wet Wet?
5. Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS by Celia Faber by Tao Lin: Hamsters always have the most fun.
6. Worst by Mikael Covey: Power image of a Mother's concern.

1. Rar Rar Press : Some of the most creative items I've seen in a long time.
2. Tiny Run: Great limited run t-shirt designs.
3. Owly Shadow Puppets: This maybe the most original concept I've seen this year. It's custom shadow puppets!
4. Broken Cherry 25% off sale this weekend only!!
5. Scumbag Holiday Superstore: 50-75% off the best Formula Werks Gear

1. Juliet Cook "Projectile Vomit"
2. Silences Sumire free EP: This was released in 2007, but I just found it this week and it is really worth the download.

1. Jihae - Best Thing
2. Best Fwends - The Live Experience
3. Her Space Holiday - Feel Better Birdie
4. Venna - 12 Shades to the Wind (Demo Version)

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