Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Watch List

1. Desmond Reed: On a small label in Peru called Susy Records comes an indie rocker from Massachusetts. Listen to: Guinea Pigs (mp3)
2. Ecce: Based out of London Nicholas Lisher is Ecce, and he is releasing an EP on Nov. 24th on Exploding Art called August Day.
3. Cult With No Name: Erik Stein and Jon Boux make lush electronic ballads, and their latest album, 'Careful What You Wish For' is available on Trakwerx.

1. Calliope Nevre Issue #17: This issue features an interview with someone you might know.
2. The Fat Goths by S. Craig Renfroe Jr.: Seriously, is there anything worse than a fat goth?
3. Monkey and Birdie by Jill Summers: I love this story, but I also really liked the images by Owleyes.
4. Breakdown by Christian Ward: "I lathered the inside of my brain with caffeine"... so true!
5. The Walk Home by Dawn Corrigan: Never should you have to walk alone.
6. Me and Theodore Fought the Law and the Law Won by Mary Hamilton: "We talk about POETRY like it's really really really important." Who doesn't?
7. Cash Rules Everything Around Me #7 by Greg Oguss: This an essay on the N word and how it relates to the recent election.

1. Casperian Book's SALE: "With the economy in the toilet and sales never quite recovering from the summer slump, we're including every one of our titles in a Black Friday sale! Every book is $10 only while supplies last!"
2. Shakespear Theater - CST for $20 Program - This was sent to me in response to my conversation with Megan Mercier. A very cool program for theater goers under 35.
3. Buena Onda Series Sale from Ryan Bubnis: Normally $100 each, they wonderful pieces are $60 each through the end of the year.
4. YouTube: An Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Charts: A very interesting book by Alan "fallofautumndistro" Lastufka and Michael W. Dean

1. Joyful Noise Recordings has released a free digital sampler of their upcoming 2009 release schedule. The "Joyful Noise 2009 Digital Sampler" as it is called, also includs tracks from the freshly released November 2008 albums of Grampall Jookabox, Prizzy Prizzy Please, and Man At Arms. The sampler also stretches well into the 2009 release schedule - offering free tracks from upcoming albums by Marmoset, Hi Red Center, The Delicious, Abner Trio, Bizzart, Valina, Push-Pull, and Stationary Odyssey.
2. New mp3 from Tigers Can Bite You - Colleagues (mp3)
3. Awel Issue #3: The theme is "Insects"

1. Luke Jackson "Come Tomorrow"
2. The Dark Romantics "Let's Ride"
3. State Bird "I Saw The Light"
4. PH Madore opens his mail and get's an Orange surprise
5. Boy Eat Drums Machine "Crack in the Sea"

boy eats drum machine - "crack in the sea" from Jon Ragel on Vimeo.


P. H. M. said...

you know, if i become a fan of yours despite your use of blogspot, i'll do much more elaborate videos for you...

Anonymous said...

thanks for mentioning cult with no name

erik- cwnn

Nobius said...

Thank you as always for the Calliope plug, I apologize the issue I sent you had some typos, they are fixed in the email version that I sent along.

The Calliope Weblog launches soon as I now have it up and running and issue 18 is 3 pages in.

I love these Watch List posts of yours, they and Reader Meet Author are my favorite. Keep up the great work and hey I like blogspot/Blogger too. :)

Anonymous said...

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