Sunday, November 30, 2008

Orange Alert's Music Minute

One of my favorite new bands is The Deer Tracks and that is mainly for the lush and seductive vocals of Elin Lindfors. So, I was pleased to find out the Twiggy Frostbite also features Elin Lindfors singing lead. Their debut release, Through Fire, is still awhile off, but they have released an animated video for the wonderful song "Heroes". Check out the video here.

Listen to: Hereos (mp3)

Mike Monday is one of the funkiest members of the Om Family, and his latest release Songs Without Words Part 1 is a mysterious romp through chambers of sounds. He draws from space, video games, dimly lit clubs, and all that has come before. The latest single from the album, Stargirl, arrived in my box this week and I haven't stopped dancing. Check out the video for "Catnip" which also appears on the single.

An artist to watch in 2009 is Josiah Leming. Tennessee-born singer and songwriter Josiah Leming will release his eagerly anticipated debut album for Reprise Records in early 2009. The 19-year-old newcomer, who made a splash with his powerfully expressive voice and passionate performance style, recorded the songs, all of which he wrote himself, during several weeks over the summer with producer/musician David Kosten (Bat For Lashes, Faultline.) Just last month he released a 5 song digital sampler to give potential fans a preview of what lays ahead.

Listen to: Arctic Outcry Wind (mp3)

Flying White Dots is a top notch sample-based producer and this past week he released his third album for free through his website. The album is entitled 3D, and like his previous two albums it maintains a mellow tone through out. It's a chilled out journey through a warped memories of sounds and samples.

Listen to: Tears of Fire (mp3)

On Friday, I featured a Nashville with a soothing electronic sound, and now we are going to go back to Nashville for someone will a slightly different sound type of electronic sound. Jensen Sportag is an exciting young musician who is crafty beats and melodies using some classic '80's cheese and sweat. You throw is a greasy mustache and you have the formula for success. Actually a duo, Samuel Austin Wilkinson and Elvis Benjamin Craig are fast becoming friends with some of the biggest name in independent music, and they’re releasing a short-player on December 2nd called Sergio.

Listen to: 2x2 (mp3)

State Shirt (aka Ethan Tufts) takes an every tool in the box approach to his latest album This Is Old (Nov. 11th). From Southern California’s San Fernando Valley to the snowy back roads of Western Massachusetts and steeped in a cycle of inescapable, mind-numbing full-time jobs, State Shirt relies on hand-built loops, neglected instruments and riveting vocals to artfully describe captivity in a familiar never-ending cycle: work, drink, sleep, repeat. He sings the songs of life, but through it all leaves a small glimmer of hope.

Listen to: This Is Old (mp3)

The first time I saw The Black Keys live was in passing during Lollapalooza in 2005. Even though it was in passing I could still hear the roar of Auerrach's guitar from the next stage over. It was powerful and seemed to come from the gut. I regretted passing them by and at Lolla 2007 I finally was able to seem their performance. Even though there we only two men on stage the sound was enormous and buzzed across the crowd with fierce electricity. On Nov. 18th, The Black Keys released a live DVD of a performance they record on April 4th, 2008 at The Crystal Ballroom in Portland. The DVD is incredible and would make any indie freaks stocking a little fuller this year. It includes three original music videos, exclusive behind the scenes footage, and of course a full array of their impressive catalog.
You can watch the trailer here, and purchase the DVD at a special low price here.


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Great Music! Looking forward to hearing more.

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