Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Watch List

1. Tigers Can Bite You: Part of the Silverlake music scene, Tigers Can Bite You will release their full-length album Steve Ward Hears Voices on Oct. 28th. Listen to: Hawks (mp3)
2. Matthew and The Arrogant Sea: Denton, TX (imagine that!) is home these fantasy filled dream folkers who love the sea! There new records family family family meets the magic christian will be released Oct. 28th. Listen to: The Wizard (mp3)
3. Corpsekisser: October is the perfect time to be scared, this Portland duo makes songs about nightmares.

1. A Thorough Exegesis of the Opening Credits to Laverne & Shirley (The Wisconsin Years) by Ed Murray: This piece is hilarious and slightly informative.
2. All the Young Punks by Edward Kampanowski: Punks just aren't what they used to be.
3. Room 829 by Mike Boyle: Mike is a master of the dark and dank.
4. Paperwall Issue #11: A one page pdf print-out featuring Matthew Savoca, John C. Goodman, and Shane Jones.
5. Lord of the Road-Kill. by M.J. Salmon: I almost hit a squirrel today.
6. Year of Weird Light by Blake Butler: "He’d repeat until the words became just words, until even what short sleep came for me was slurred. " What great little story!
7. What Remains by Ellen Kombiyil: Loss is still loss no matter what you've have lost.

1. Repetition Patterns by Ben Tanzer: It's coming!!!
2. Defend & Resist Complex: It's is truly the cure for the common cold.
3. Bands of the Road: The Tour Sketchbook by Silke Leicher and Manuel Scheiner: This is the coolest book I have ever owned! (Full-review to follow)

Getting: (More Mixtapes!)
1. Songs to Get Killed in the Woods To by Tobacco (from Black Moth Super Rainbow)
2. Verbena no5 by Buffetlibre Dj's
3. The Ravonettes Remixed
4. XLR8 Marriage Records Podcast: featuring Karl Blau, Adrian Orange, Lucky Dragon, YACHT, Little Wings, and more

1. Moby Starts a Punk Band!
2. Will The Ladies Send You Flowers by Neva Dinova
3. Either/Or by Wild Sweet Orange
4. A Message from Mr. Lif
5. Escape Mechanism "Cycles"

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