Sunday, October 26, 2008

Orange Alert's Music Minute

Aether is the alias from San Antonio producer Diego Chavez. On November 25th, Diego will release an tightly packed collection of beats called Artifacts on the Exponential Label. Launching the album with the beautifully down tempo "Forgive Me", which appeared on the collection Wait til the Ice Melts earlier this year, he sets the mood and pace early. As tranquil and detailed as the cover of Artifacts is, Diego's tracks are even more finite and enjoyable. A classic chill album from the hot electronic scene in Texas.

Listen to: Lykke Li - Little Bit (Aether Mix) (mp3)

There seems to so many bands right now combining thick and funky electronic beats with confusing and lazy lyrics right now, but why not it is a winning combination. Four Texans called Honey Claws have joined the ranks with a mostly electronic, mostly funky, 14-track hip-hop epic. The self-titled album (which is out now) makes you want to dance and lay on the couch all at the same time.

Listen to: Shout Out (mp3)

Another artsy Brooklyn band? Yes, but The Loom is not just a cleaver name for a band. The Loom breaks down music into single strands of sound and then lays each piece over the other until a lush and vibrant fabric of sound is created. A vocal ensemble playing inventive folk melodies with patterns and rhythms, syncopated claps, and a real driving sense of melody, The Loom has released an incredible ep called At Last Light. Three songs from At Last Light will appear, along with music by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, and others, in The Youngest Candidate, a documentary about young Americans running for political office directed by Brooklyn filmmaker Jason Pollock (former assistant to Michael Moore) and produced by Lawrence Bender (An Inconvenient Truth) and David Letterman’s production company World Wide Pants. The film will debut in advance of the election this fall. Currently, The Loom has completed writing and is at work on recording their follow-up full length album.

Listen to: Song For The Winter Sun (mp3)

I'm From Barcelona's new record Who Killed Harry Houdini? was released on Mute October 14, 2008. The sunny first single, "Paper Planes" - including the B-side "Motorway - was released August 19, 2008.

The band has announced a remix contest for the track "Music Killed Me". In addition to the winning remix being posted on the band's website and myspace page, the winner will receive free tickets to upcoming I'm From Barcelona shows. The deadline to submit remixes is November 3, 2008 and must be submitted through the band's MySpace page. For additional information on the contest please visit their myspace page.

In anticipation of Grampall Jookabox's sublime upcoming LP of whacked out, trashcan-banging, haunted blues, Asthmatic Kitty announces a slew of fun goodies to kill time during your upcoming workweek. The first of which is the way awesome "The Girl Ain't Preggers" videogame.

How to Play the Game:
Stage 1: 1. Avoid babies by leaping over them 2. Collect cash
Stage 2: 1. Buy milk 2. Drop milk bottles down to babies 3. Be glad that the babies are fed.

Listen to: The Girl Ain't Preggers (mp3) (video)

Matisyahu is not the typical artist that I like to feature, and when I received this ep I didn't think I would be mentioning it. However, Matisyahu really exceeded my expectation on this album. Maybe they were set low, but still these four tracks present a great deal of potential for Yahu next full-length album. On October 21, Matisyahu will release his newest EP, Shattered, via Epic Records. The four-song EP features tracks from his new full-length album, Light, to be released in early 2009.

Listen to: Smash Lies (mp3)

The Peel Back: Sugar Copper Blue (Rykodisc Sept. 1992)

No I wasn't one of the lucky 2500 who purchased the edition of Copper Blue with the metal copper sleeve with each of the 2,500 copies containing a one-of-a-kind Polaroid photo taken by one of the three band members. However, that didn't stop me from completely falling in love with the debut album from Bob Mould and company. Now I haven't listened to Sugar in ages, but for some reason (Mr. Obama) the some "Changes" has been running through my head lately.

I’m accustomed to your deception
Comes the rule with no exception
And I’ve been dragged across the river
Running far and wide
Come and see how I feel inside
Change for the better
Change for the worse
Changes with summer and fall

Oh, changes changes, that what everyone seem to be calling for, but it is exactly what Bob Mould was warning us against some sixteen year ago.

I have seen I have seen
What these changes mean to me
If you’re thinking of changing
If you’re thinking of staying with me
We need to agree
We need to make some changes
We need what we need
Do I need you
Do you need me

I just want to know what happens when no one knows what they need!

The Act We Act/A Good Idea/Changes (mp3)/Helpless/Hoover Dam/The Slim/If I Can't Change Your Mind/Fortune Teller/Slick/Man on the Moon

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