Sunday, September 07, 2008

Orange Alert's Music Minute

This past week one of my favorite bands, LoveLikeFire, announced that they have been signed to the UK label Heist or Hit Records. Over the past month they've been busily recording songs for their debut full-length at Tiny Telephone studios in San Francisco with producer Bill Racine (Mates Of State, Rogue Wave). Upon finishing up work in the studio they take off on a 35 + date tour that sees them crossing the country as they make their way to and from CMJ 2008. Here are their midwest tour dates, and more info on the new album will follow. You can find all of their tour dates here.

9/24 - Des Moines, IA - Vaudeville Mews
9/25 - Minneapolis, MN - Nomad Pub
9/26 - Madison, WI - The Frequency
9/27 - Urbana, IL - Courtyard Cafe
9/28 - Chicago, IL - Schuba's Pub
9/29 - St. Louis, MO - Bluebird

Listen to: Unlighted Shadows (mp3) from An Ocean in the Air (2007)

If you want your dance music to have a few rough edges and an attitude to match the come this October 9th, pH10 will deliver what you want. Over the last ten years this duo has been developing a sound that perfectly represents the club scene in Brooklyn. However, their journey took them all over the country and Canada, and now they bring you Well Connected. These beats are hard, aggressive and unforgiving. pH10 will get in your face and not back down.
Listen to: Enter The Underground (feat. Pete Miser and Jamalski) (mp3)

LAKE's third album, first on K Records, can be classified as lo-fi optimism with a hint sarcasm. Oh, The Places We'll Go is a light and whimsical salute to Dr. Suess, home studios, and up-beat male/female sing-a-longs. LAKE's core membership is Ashley Eriksson, Eli Moore, Lindsay Schief, Andrew Dorsett, and Markly Morrison, a group of long-time friends based in Olympia, WA. The members of the band came from Washington, the Los Angeles area, and the Midwest but soon found themselves drawn together in the inspiring forests of the Pacific Northwest, and thus LAKE was born. Each is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist in their own right, and contributing melodies and complementing one another's strong points has become the process for LAKE's intimately nurtured songwriting.

Listen to: Blue Ocean Blue (mp3)

Oh Sweden, it's always Sweden. Fredrik is the latest import, and on October 28th Kora Records will release their latest album Na Ni Ni. This album is an adventure through a beautiful and strange countryside, through the forests and villages, through danger and darkness, and ultimately home. This journey in experimental pop is epic and a much needed diversion in storytelling and collective noise and grace.

Listen to: Black Fur (mp3)

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