Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Watch List

1. The Beesknees: I received a tip from a friend this week about a great new Chicago group. The Beesknees are an exciting mix of dance and soul, and they will make you move!
2. Anthony Rochester: I am positive that Anthony is the first musician from Tasmania that I have ever mentioned. His lazy vocals and fresh sounds are almost enough to get the image of the Tazmanian Devil out of your mind. Listen to: Lipscombe Larder (mp3)
3. Griffen: Chicago rapper Griffen has some major skills. His latest album is called B-Boycott and has a great cover which depicts Bush taking a bit out of the Statue of Liberty. Listen to: B-Boycott (mp3)

1. Get Quit by Tyler Stoddard Smith: A phone-in service to help quit smoking.
2. All Turn Away by Conor Robin Madigan: I've always wanted to talk to roadkill... ok, not really.
3. It's Hard to Tell If I Hate Myself or Just Everyone Else, Real Hard by Sam Pink: Workplace violence and domination is always a plus.
4. Henry, Robinson and Prufrock by Vincent Quatroche: This is taken from the newly released Autumn/Winter '08 issue of Fox Chase Review.
5. Four Poems by Nava Fader: I really like "Transparent meshes" the best.
6. Houses by Merida Gorman: There is always a history that we will never discover.
7. Two Poems by Joseph Goosey: Joseph writes about everyday, but with a slightly darker slant.

1. Leia Bell: A great poster artist and illustrator. She has quite a few prints for sale.
2. Caleb Puckett Tales from the Hinterland: New book from Otoliths Press. $8.25
4. Daniel Maurer Brocabulary: The New Man-i-festo of Dude Talk: Check out the trailer! It looks funny, but seriously why does it take a book like this to get a major budget. I won't judge until I read it, but honestly why?

Getting (the streaming edition):
1. Songza: Streaming audio is at your finger tips. I like songza because it is orange!
2. TheSixtyOne: This is a great place to discover new music.
3. Hype Machine: Hype has many functions, but you can just go and stream everything that was recently added.

1. Mr. Gnome - Night of the Crickets
2. Kings of Leon - Sex On Fire
3. Termanology's - Politics As Usual
4. Amplive - How to make a mash-up... Tokyo Police Club [ft. Aesop Rock, Yak Ballz] - The Baskervilles (Amplive Remix) (mp3)

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