Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Watch List

1. Awesome New Republic: Miami is home to, as they put it, " 2 doods who grew up on Prince and Georgio Moroder". Their new release, Rational Geographic, will be out this fall. Listen to: Hide Your Young (mp3)
2. Obi Best: Back-up singer for Bird & The Bee, Obi Best steps out from the shadows and bring the world Capades on Aug. 25th. Listen to: Nothing Can Come Between Us (mp3)
3. Rob & Jack America: Blog radio is interesting, unfiltered, and unedited. Rob Plath & Jack Henry focus on lit and whatever random thoughts that come into their heads. Their most recent interview was with Brian Fugett of Zygote in My Coffee. This is an off shoot of Deadbeat Press.

1. Naked by Savannah Louise: A little piece about love and rooftops and nudity and car accidents.
2. Two Poems by Jim Warner: Especially "iron man #200" with its great imagery.
3. parenthetical (revised) number seven by J.A. Tyler: I really like the way this one is written.
4. Missive to T by John Ottey: A story about being homesick in Asia.
5. Hotline to Hell by C.A. Masterson: Would you sell your soul to the devil to be a best-selling author?
6. Tony Valentine Remembered by Elizabeth Schulte: A rebel is every sense of the word.
7. The Solution to the Problem by Jonathan Pinnock: Questions and solutions.

1. Open Face Sandwich: This is a new annual journal published by Fifth Planet Press. They are currently accepting submissions for the 2009 Issue. (full review to follow!)
2. Six Gallery Press: I received two novels from Six Gallery this week, West Virginia by Che Elias and The Second Elizabeth by Karen Lillis. Check out this press, full reviews to follow.
3. The Ghost Factory: A new literary magazine printed in Chicago by David Peak. They have printed two issues so far, and are a great editions to Chicago lit.
4. Juliet Cook "Gingerbread Girl": Juliet has a new chap, and it is her first published by a press other than her own.
5. Sprout Home: New find on a trip downtown.

1. Twitter: I have finally given in and joined the twitter craze.
2. MP3's: Lil Wayne - A Milli (Infuze Remix) (mp3) and The Mighty Underdogs - The Anthem (mp3)

1. Ed Harcourt "Until Tomorrow Then": This is one of the best songs of 2008!
2. Fight Bite "Swissex Lover": Heavenly drone
3. Donovan Quinn & The 13th Month "Heathen Honeymoon"
4. Tim Hall "Full of It" The Promo video #3 (here is video 1 and Lesson #1)

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