Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Watch List

1. Termanology: New York-based rapper Termanology has now finished his official debut album Politics As Usual. One of this year's most anticipated albums; it drops September 30th, 2008 through a joint venture between Term’s own ST. Records and Indy powerhouse Nature Sounds. This album features some of the finest work Dj Premier has done in years! Listen to: How We Rock ft Bun B. (mp3)
2. Thomas White: I Dream in Black is the solo debut of the lead singer of The Electric Soft Parade. Listen to: The Runaround (mp3)
3. Lonely Boy: Eivind Kirkeby of Norway is a very lonely boy and he sings in a library voice about love and sorrow. Listen to: Girls and Love (mp3)

1. Another great issue of decomP featuring JA Tyler, David LaBounty, Dan Provost (thanks for the chap!), Wayne Mason, and more.
2. When My Girlfriend Lost the Weight by Matt Getty: Read the details as his girlfriend goes from 143 pound to literally nothing.
3. Ned Strawberry by Sean Ruane: Ned has a rough life.
4. A Plain Story, Simply Told by Mazie Louise Montgomery: Another great piece presented by Bearcreekfeed.
5. Muse by Mark Howard Jones: We are all inspired by different things.
6. The Woman Down the Hall by Lily Hoang: This story is neither great or fantastic. Nor is it all that funny.
7. Jesus Walks by Ben Tanzer: No not the Kayne song, an encounter with the man upstairs.

1. Keyhole Issue #4 is available for pre-order. It feature work from Jason Jordan, Michelle Orange (great name!), T.J. Forrester, and more.
2. Noted notebooks: The notebook is a vital tool of any writer, artist, or anyone who has a thought really. Nantaka Joy has designed a nice little series of books writing down whatever.
3. Ferrero Pocket Coffee: This Italian gem is a dark chocolate square filled with a real shot of expresso.

Getting: (podcast edition)
1. Sound Opinions: Two of the finest music critics in Chicago host an hour long show on Chicago Public Radio every weekend. However if you don't live here in Chicago you can download all of their shows for free. One of my all-time favorite shows in Episode #50.
2. Coke Machine Glow's July Podcast: I know it is August, but this is a great mixtape by Danny Roca a CMG reviewer. Quality stuff from Jim Noir, Nostalgia 77, Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip, and more.

1. Hot Springs "Fog and The Horn"
2. The Octopus Project "An Evening With Rthrtha"
3. Lykke Li "Breaking It Up"
4. The first promotional video for Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine.

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hm, the first slam i've seen on this blog, re: hoang. nice to jump up on it.