Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Watch List

1. The Spectacles: Girl/boy pop from Chicago. They are releasing their debut album on Comptroller Records TODAY at the fifth installment of "Comptrollin' on a Saturday Night." The show will be held at High Concept Laboratories, 1401 W. Wabansia, Chicago at 8pm. Listen to: Outdated Model (mp3)
2. The Craters: The perfect combination of lo-fi hip hop and lazy/hazy pop vocals.
3. My Tiger My Timing: Dance pop from London. Very nice! Listen to: This is Not The Fire (mp3)

1. The Baby Cries by Curtis Smith: I just finished reading Curtis' forthcoming novel Sound + Noise, and it was absolutly incredible. More on that in the next few weeks, but in the meantime read this story.
2. Greased Pig by Laura Gibson: A summer story of baseball and children's dreams.
3. Office Politics by Marcos Soriano: Office life can take it's toll.
4. Listening to My Parents Talk by David Kowalczyk: Regardless of langauge you never understand your parents.
5. Potassium by Ashley Capes: The last line of this poem is golden.
6. Disappointed by Al Riske: I always wanted to live in a dorm.
7. Color Wash by Erin McKnight: Alot of steam in just 6 sentances.

1. Broken Cherry : The best T-shirts in Chicago!
2. Popdeck: The first design community just for skateboarders. They really have some very cool decks.
3. Edward Steichen In High Fashion: The Conde Nast Years 1923-1937: A couple of weeks ago this beautiful mini print of a new book to be released on Sept. 8th by W.W. Norton arrived in my box. The full edition will contain 240 photos from the Conde Nast archive. These are photos of the major figures of the 20's and 30's including Winston Churchill, W.B. Yeats, Greta Garbo, Amelia Earhart, and many more. $75

1. Buffetlibre Dj's - Rewind: As part of Rewind, the 80's cover project by Buffetlibre ( ) ,we have released a new Buffetlibre Dj's mixtape called Buffetlibre Dj's Rewinded , that features some Rewind Part1 tracks, 2 new Rewind tracks by CFCF and Hostage (that will be featured in Part 2) and some 80's originals.
2. Blanket Issue 11: This is the confession issue.

1. Wonderstrike
2. DIG!
3. Knowle West Boy (The Making of) by Tricky: Yes, the Tricky Kid is back with Knowle West, it is the culmination of everything he has done in his lengthy career.

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