Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Watch List

1. Charles Hamilton: Rapper, mad music scientist, child of Sonic the Hedgehog are just a few of the adjectives used to describe Charles Hamilton. His debut album comes out next year, but you can download his mixtape as his website now. Listen to: Brooklyn Girls (mp3)
2. Back In Judy's Shack: This Swedish duo many tiny lo-fi male/female elctro-pop songs. Listen to: What are you doing for the rest of your life (mp3)
3. Boban Markovic Orchestra: You really can't go wrong with an eneregtic big band brass! Listen to: Romana Bijav (mp3)

1. Except from None of That Will Do. Now What? by Miles Clark: Miles is the editor of No Record Press, and a great writer as well. I love many of the connections and ideas he uses in this except.
2. The Many Forms of Rain ____ Sent Upon Us in Those Days Before the Last Days by Blake Butler: How many form of rain can you think of? Blake Butler is a mad genius!
3. I'm Gonna by Matt Spect: A lovely tale of puke and future plans.
4. Jesus in 42 by Damian Dressick: Jesus as a coal miner, and a biker.
5. The Pastapocalypse by Lisa A. Koosis: This is one of the best open lines I've seen in awhile... "The world ended not with nuclear missiles, nor rising floodwaters, but with pasta."
6. Why the Letter to Your Congressman Will Not Be Read by Andrew S. Taylor: This one is not as humorous as it sounds, but it is very well-written and a little chilling.
7. The Co-Ed with One Arm by Dan Provost: We all have something to be thankful for, right?

1. See You Next Tuesday: The Second Coming by Various Writers: "Not only are people all around the world having lots of sex, but they are also writing about it. See You Next Tuesday: The Second Coming is the second compilation of 50 sex-riddled (first-published) short fictions that try to transcend perhaps the most universal subject in existence. Writing from across the globe, each 1,000-word text promises to evoke and provoke the existential and thoughtful corners of your most erotic of organs (namely the one in your head). In other words, the rumors are true, the waiting has ended: The Second Coming is here!"
2. 10pt Press has made available for pre-order a series of beauitfully designed prints by some of my favorite poets including Hosho McCreesh, justin.barrett, and Tony O'Neil.

1. Be Different Issue #2: This is a great new arts magazine, but its not in english.
2. Four Minutes to Midnight Issue #9: This issue only comes out once a year, but the blog is updated frequently.
3. Clout Magazine Issue #10: Run by artist Ryan Bubnis, featuring Clyde Carson, Traxamillion, Smif-N-Wessun, Ryan Bubnis, Boogie, Aloy MSK, Much HM and Chopper.
1. Sunfold "Oregon"
2. King Kahn & The Shrines "I Wanna Be A Girl"
3. Windmill "Toyko Moon"

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