Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Watch List

1. Trapper Schoepp Band: Milwaukee boys playing honest pop and changing the weather. Their debut album is a collection nine wonderfully written and piano infested songs that are sure to make into your rotation. Listen to: It's Six O'Clock (mp3)
2. The Curse of Company: Dark, yet still filled gracious pop melodies, The Curse hail from Sydney, and are primarily the brain child of David Wiley Rennick. He is probably most well known for his work with Dappled Cities. Their debut album, LEO MAGNETS JOINS A GANG, will be released digitally on July 22nd. Listen to: All the Mines (mp3)
3. Shala.: Chicago emcee and producer, Shala is a Nigerian American and an influential member of Chicago's underground scene. He is also the founder of Seven Spoon. Listen to: I Ain't Goin (mp3)

1. We Are All Businessmen by Mark Fabiano: "Ranil wanted a company scholarship for his son, and would do what he must to make the American executive feel well cared for."
2. Please, Shahryar by Michael Hitchcock: I like this story and so does Michael's mom.
3. Except from A Woman's History of Dunholt by Jill Summers: A very funny commentary by a very funny Chicago writer.
4. Carla's Corner by Antonios Maltezos: I'm not a fan of blood, but I didn't enjoy this story.
5. Carrion by Ben Myers: This is a very disturbing look at the thought process a disturbed man.
6. A Plain Story, Simply Told by Mazie Louise Montgomery: Here is the latest from Bearcreekfeed.
7. The Blush by Rachel Kendall: This part of a bigger novel by Rachel.

1. Solve Lives T-Shirt: This Secret Stash was created to honor the life of Brendan Scanlon aka SOLVE (1984-2008). All proceeds will be donated to Brendan's family. The shirt features artwork by SOLVE, and was coordinated with SARO, BONUS, and SOLVE's family. It is produced by the fam at Formula Werks. Check the site to read more about SOLVE and to order a shirt. Thanks for your support and memory of a great artist.
2. "Liquid" by Brian Doogan: This is a beautiful print available at Freshly Dipped. $35

1. Naked Whales Issue #2: Long awaited, but a great issue.
2. Soma Issue #5: Art, music, and culture.

1. Now, Now Every Children "Friends With My Sister"
2. Sam Champion "You Can't Stop"
3. 100 Days of Monsters

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