Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Watch List

1. Phashara: Chicago emcee and beatmaker, Phashara is on rise along with all of the Chicago hip-hop scene. His music is a salute to the legends of the golden era of hip hop, but he stills finds a way to advance the craft to a new level. Listen to: The Storm (mp3)
2. Love Psychedelico: Rock n' Roll from Japan! Listen to: Standing Bird (mp3)
3. Jaguar Farm: Alexander Iadarola says he is influenced by Liars, Philip Glass, Hot Chip, Chopin, Stereolab, Madlib, and others. His music is an interesting display of electro-haze-pop.

1. Dream Train by Tim Hall & Rami Efal: Very cool story and illustrations! What a great team.
2. decomP July Issue: A great list of talent... Adam Moorad, John Dorsey, Kelly Hodge, Patrick Kelling, Duane Locke, Iftekhar Sayeed, Zack Moll, John Grey, and some guy named Ben Tanzer.
3. The Post-Mortem of Our Art Heist by Tyler Stoddard Smith: The professor letter to his students after a major art heist.
4. "Writing My Angel" by Corey Messler: Short but incredible! Messler is a master.
5. Off the Map by Steve Young: The lowest times are sometimes the most memorable.
6. Man Soup by Melissa Hansen: I've never tried the man soup, but I have had something similar.
7. Waffle House, 1 November, 2007 by Hosho McCreesh: The latest broadside from the GPP. This is their first in ORANGE, and it mentions COFFEE! I say it is the perfect broadside.

1. The Complete Genealogy of Everyone, Ever by Gabe Duham: Great concept, great title, great price! $5 (more of Gabe coming soon!)
2. Shepard Fairey Series #1 Obama Hope Stickers: Now being sold at cost!10/$10
3. Love & Blues by Doug Draime and "Without Peace" are now available @ Quimby's, here in Chicago. $3 each (more to come!)

1. Grafikal Issue #2: Wonderful new art zine dedicated to the best in underground illustration, photography, painting, and more.
2. Foldskool Heroes by Marshall Alexander: PDF paper toys, free to download and hours of fun!

1. San Francisco Street Art: Beautiful images and great music by The Books.
2. Artist of the Day: The Perceptionists - This one is older, but it is a great interview with Lif, Akrobatic, and Fakts One.
3. That Night with the Green Sky Music by The Mystery Books, video and poem by Tao Lin

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