Monday, July 21, 2008

The Orange Spotlight

Tim Hall Club It Up (part of the collection Triumph of the Won't) (Undie Press 5/06)

Club it Up is at times a fond reflection at a brief career in the music industry and at times a look at the seedy nature of the business. This story takes place in the early nineties at the peak of dance music. Tim writes about life, his life, and all of its adventures and misadventures. He doesn't even change his characters name, but still he tells of romance and heartbreak, beats and miscues, jobs and passions. His mission is to find the rhythm of life while creating tiny stories along the way.

It has been long said that you have to live before you can write and Tim hall has lived many lives, wore many tattered and creative hats, and survived to tell the tales. This novella was self-published back in 2002, but it can now be found in his collection of stories Triumph of the Won't. The fascinating part of Club it Up is that it came with a cd filled with 40 minutes of original house music composed by Tim himself. It really makes the story come alive, and it gets the feet moving as well.

Telepathique Last time on Earth (The Control Group, 8/5/08)

Speaking of moving your feet, Telepathique is not an original concept (a guy producer and a female singer), but what makes their music so interesting is their location. They both also have diverse tastes in music and culture, and these interests bleed into their music. Sao Paulo's Erico Theobaldo and Mylene Pires mix deep carioca from the favela with jungle-influenced house, breakbeat, and bossa with a respectful nod towards punk. This leaves their sound not confused but both beautiful and aggressive, soft and at times sensual, but dangerously strong.

This album, Last Time on Earth, was released in South America back in 2006, but August marks the first time their music will reach the states. Their tracks will be a welcome addition to any dance floor, car stereo, or mp3 player alike.

Deja Vu/Eu Gosto (mp3)/Love and Lust/Telefunk/Kabalah/I'm Not The Man/You Don't Know/Sex Drugs And Funk 'n' Roll/UR A Joke/Wild/Vida Inteira


kav said...

Just so you know, I read this page almost daily, and often check out your recommendations, many of which have been really significant finds for me. Keep up the good work.

Tim said...

What a nice surprise to come here today and see that nice review for Club It Up! Thanks, Jason, you made my day.

Anonymous said...

That's have a picture of rum shots in that picture! That's a great collection.