Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Watch List

1. The Death Set: Electro-punk in all of its glory! These guys are playing a free show @ The Hideout with Matt & Kim on July 3rd. Listen to: Negative Thinking (mp3)
2. The Dutchess & The Duke: She's the Dutchess (Kimberly Morrison) and he is the Duke (Jesse Lortz) and together they make off-kilter lo-fi folk. Listen to: Reservior Park (mp3)
3. Andy Dale Petty: Only 21 years-old, the trainer (he rides the rails and sings his songs) just released his debut album on Voodoo Rythm Records. King Kahn has this to say about his music, "People like Andy Dale make America the beautiful nightmare that it is." Listen to: The Coo Coo Bird (mp3)

1. Gel by Zosimo Quibilan, Jr.: Just your average story about hair gel. Appearance is everything you know.
2. Truimph Outright by Kyle Beachy: A story about writing a letter.
3. For Me by Errid Farland: A little naughty, but well written and enjoyable.
4. A nice review of Jeremy Shipp's Vacation by Caleb Ross: This review is good, but I don't know if any review can do this book justice. You really have to read it.
5. Simulacrum by Adam Moorad: The main character is name "The White Man" and that makes me smile.
6. Out of the Cupboard # 10 with Ben Barton: I will like this new segment over at Gloom Cupboard. Richard is running a series of poems the the poet and then a small interview. It is really a quality idea.
7. On the floor the women by L. Ward Abel: The latest installment from the most wonderful zine on the planet!

1. Stok : There is nothing worse for an addict then to open the cabinet and find the can of coffee bare. Yet, last week that is what occurred. Frantic, I ran out the house and stopped, in a hurry, and 7-11 (oh, thank Heaven!). I drink my coffee black and from where I can find it hot and cheap. However, I glance down at the colorful creamers, and there is a name I do not recognize. STOK... "Black Coffee Shot". What? "40mg caffeine" Yeah! "Limit 2 per day". I pour two in my coffee and grab a handful for the road. Oh, I was flying!
2. Fifty Designers' Current Favourite Typefaces: Not only is this a cool looking book, but 100% of the proceeds go to UNICEF's Myanmar (Burma) Cyclone Children's Appeal in the wake of Cyclone Nargis that hit Myanmar on 2nd May 2008.
3. Soul Vegetarian: I spent the day among the crowds at "The Taste" yesterday and sampled many great Vegetarian dishes, but my favorite (aside from the Tiramisu Gelato) was the BBQ at Soul Vegetarian.

1. 'Billy Mays Full-Color Art Mask': If you are into infomercials then you may recognize Billy Mays. He has sold everything from Oxiclean to Mighty Putty. Now you can look just like him!
2. Free Barack Obama Campaign Poster : One thing was clear to me at "The Taste" this year... Chicago support Obama. I am not really surprised, but if you are one of those supporters here is a free poster to give you "Hope".
3. Popdeck Comp: Speaking of voting, its your right to vote for William Bryant's board design in this new competition.

1. The Dreadful Yawns "Catskill": This is one of favorite albums right now, Take Shape, will be released on August 26th via Exit Stencil Records.
2. Sunny Day Sets Fire Video Series: With one video to be released every week for the next seven weeks, each video showcases the director's interpretation of a different song off of Summer Palace, SDSF is preparing for a major launch!
3. Virtual Ball Pit by Kevin Atkinson
4. Hamster Reads Tao Lin's Eeeee Eee Eeee

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