Friday, June 20, 2008

The Watch List

1. Skew: This NYC producer just release his debut ep, Stadiums Are Ok Too, for free on his website. His full-length album is currently being mastered, and will be out in September. His tracks are a complex mixture of hip hop and electronic dance music. It is all very appealing.
2. Deep Science: This Seattle-band is preparing to release of their third album Villainairal. Listen to: Throne of Blood (The Jump Off) (mp3)
3. Farino: This UK guitar duo are about to give Rodrigo Y Gabriella a run for their money!

1. Like King Kong by Cora C. Pyles: A very short look at the very long path that is life.
2. What Day is Sunday by Lauren Pretnar: A touching family tale, the innocence and warmth of a child.
3. To Be Read in Some Place That Doesn’t Exist by Patrick Howell O’Neill: I enjoy the way he tells you where you should be reading this story.
4. Land Use Planning by Lightsey Darst: I like this piece, but I am more interested in the larger work this is taken from. ""Land use planning" comes from a larger sequence called Dance, which will work something like a book of horoscopes when completed. (I'm hoping for a spinner on the cover.) The two tags at the bottom are a newspaper headline and a type of prophecy (borrowed from Paul Dickson's book Words). As for the poem itself, I can only say that my mother is a botanist and my father is a planner for the state of Florida."
5. Klein's Latrell by C. Robin Madigan: Guns, violence, a preacher's son... this one has it all!
6. Fistful by Elizabeth Ellen: Tragic and violent... I couldn't stop reading!
7. Another RC Flyer Off Course by Arlene Ang:

1. Kendra Steiner Editions Issue #100: Three years and 100 chapbooks! That is an incredible accomplishment. Issue 100 is a great one too, NEXT EXIT: SEVEN by Ronald Baatz and Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
2. That I could design a poster (check it out): To celebrate the launch of Counting Crows summer tour, the band is calling all Counting Crows fans and artists to help create their summer tour poster!One lucky winner will have their poster design printed and sold on tour. Entrants will create and submit an original tour poster design that captures the sound and energy of Counting Crows. You must submit your entry by July 1st, 2008. There are just three simple rules:
1) The poster must be 18"x24" portrait or landscape. 2) Your artwork must be at least 300 DPI and be transmitted through the internet (Files must be jpeg or gif and must be less than 10MB in size) 3) Any graphic elements you use cannot be copyrighted.Please send your entries to along with your name and, of course, your email address.

1. Graphi Magazine Issue #1: Beautiful new art mag, download it here.
2. LEGENDmag Issue #20: The voice of progressive urban independent lifestyle.

1. Alltruisms "Nine-Digit #": From the soon to be released debut album, Clusterbombs, from this Chicago rapper.
2. Sigur Ros "Gobbledigook": Great new song, and the rather suggestive new video.
3. The Reverse Graffiti Project

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