Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Watch List

1. High on Stress: They just want to be your 103rd favorite band. That's not too much to ask for, is it? Moonlight Girls is the name of their rock infused twangy album. Listen to: Cash Machine (mp3)
2. The Z-Mo Trio: If you are not sure if you would like the sound of emo-jazz fusion then you just give it a try. Listen to: Letters (mp3)
3. Mobley: Austin, TX is home to so many great young bands and Mobley can stand next to any of them. Straight forward and passionate rock on their latest release 2/3 ep. Listen to: A Chorus (for the Silences) (mp3)

1. Further Notes on the Impossibility of Everything by Tim Hall: The new issue of TZWCYL is live and spectacular! Especially that great music selection (if do say so myself).
2. Calliope Nerve Part XVI: Nobius has out done himself with this huge issue featuring David McLean, Luis Cuahtemoc Berriozabal, and many more.
3. Ya' Sou! Ezine: This is the Summer 2008 issue featuring Doug Draime, Corey Mesler, and more.
4. Television Worth Watching by Michael Ray Laemmle: Violence breeds more violence.
5. All of Us, In Time by Zachary Moll: I am always amazed by the face of age and time, and the way life wears us down.
6. Blood and Greasepaint At The Tombstone Bar and Grille by Karl Koweski: Karl delves into the dirtiest side of life and finds magic.
7. Leaving the Country by Susannah Joy Felts: Please Don't is back is a great new piece from Ms. Felts.

1. Keyhole Magazinee Issue 3: Featuring work from Blake Butler, Elizabeth Ellen, and more. $10 2. And The Weary are at Rest by Andrew Taylor: New from sunnyoutside press. $8
3. Anything by Allison Wilton: Allison make books and print media. Her work is intricate and absolutely amazing! You have to check it out here and here.
4. Ryan Bubnis has set up and Etsy shop! He his selling limited edition prints and originals.

1. JENESIS Magazine - June 08: The mad scientist Girl Talk on the cover!
2. Cru A Issue 17: Art and illustration galore.

1. Jukebox the Ghost "Hold it Now": Great song and garage band video. Check out the Andrew Murray Remix (mp3)
2. Cooking with Rockstars: I love Jen and wish I could go to Jenville. My favorite episode so far is with YACHT.
3. A Night in the Box "The Hustle" (live)
4. Lykke Li "Dance Dance Dance"


Nobius said...

Thanks for the Calliope plug.

allison.wilton said...

thanks for the links!

i am flattered...