Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Watch List

1. The Hood Internet: DJs STV SLV and ABX are bootleggers who have decided to mash-up Chicago. Combining some of Chicago's hipest (Kid Sister, Walter Meego, Yea Big & Static, etc) this duo have released one of the best free albums of the year. Listen to: Watch My Big Feet Jump (mp3)
2. The Uglysuit: From hip-hop to dream-pop, Uglysuit la's and moans their way through wonderfully gentle melodies. They will be playing at The Hideout on June 14th. Listen to: Chicago (mp3)
3. The Z-Mo Trio: Beautiful piano-driven sleepy pop from this MN duo. Zachary Miles Ojeda write passionate and heart-felt ballads that combine jazz and pop. Listen to: Nighttime (mp3)

1. "Backup" by Scott Miles: Action-packed!
2. "Buying a Beeer in Cairo" by Andrew Madigan: A long one, but well worth it.
3. Two Poems by Adam Deutsch: From the perfectly named Caffeine Destiny Journal.
4. "The Driver" by A.J. Kaufmann: There is always room for a 22 yr old Polish poet. I am loving Word Slaw, btw.
5. "Broken: March 18, 2008" by Ken Baumann: Kool-Aid, ipods, meth, and more!
6. "Clinton Lake Blues" by Jared Ward: Friendship story with a Beggars Banquet reference.
7. "A Collection of Bad Poems": featuring Tao Lin, Blake Butler, Alex Burford, and more.

1. Poems-For-All: Similar to the broadsides that the GPP are printing and smuggling, Poems-For-All is more of a local operation located in Sacramento. They print tiny little booklets with one or two poems and contact info. They then scatter them around town. Very cool, and they will send you a handful for $1
2. "Black / White" by Megan Dorian: Megan is one of the artist on Freshly Dipped, and I really enjoy her work. $240
3. Gravity Rainbow/Mason & Dixon by Shane Jones & Chris Killen: You have to be on top of your game to get limited edition hand printed free chapbooks!
4. Robert Hardgrave Messenger Bag: This is a Timbuk2/Threadless project only 200 were printed. $150

1. Blanket Issue #10: Blanket's in summer are not always good, but you really need this one.
2. Podiobooks: I just signed up this week, and can not believe the wealth of great lit record and stored here. What are great way to find your next favorite writer.

1. The Fairline Parkway "Westward Bound"
2. Fever Marlene "We Are All Colors" (live/acoustic)
3. Cooming Soon from Grey Noise Records, Life is Easy, a documentary of DIY music.

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