Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Watch List

1. The Sweet Serenades: Martin Nordvall sent me a nice e-mail and am glad he did it. Sweden is home to some great music! Listen to: I Can Never Die (mp3)
2. thehelpmeplease: More Swedish treats from one of my favorite labels Series Two Records! thehelpmeplease is Jonas Johnsson, he lives in gothenburg, sweden and studies graphic design. if he could, he would much rather sit in a park or a pub, drinking cheap wine, smoke a couple of cigarettes and maybe pet some bumblebees. Listen to: Louise Dyer (mp3)
3. Jukebox the Ghost: Good clean indie-pop from Washington D.C., JTG just released their latest album Let Live and Let Ghost last month on This Side Up Sounds/The Rebel Group. If you were looking for the album of the summer this may be it! Listen to: Good Day (mp3) (Download the Andrew Murray Remix on their myspace page)

1. The June Issue of decomP is live! I enjoyed it all but especially."I think of her this time of year" by Justin Hyde.
2. "Rent Chair (A Monologue and Photo)" by Christopher Woods: The latest from TZWCYL is story of loss, change, and a community chair.
3. "The Five Stages of Beef" by Peter Parrish: Have ever tried to reason with a cow?
4. Unquiet Desperation June/July Issue: I download this to read "Echoes Partial" by F.D. Marcel, but this pdf journal is packed full of great lit!
5. "The Canadians" by Gabe Durham: This is from the just released Noo Journal Issue #8. There is also a great story by Noah Cicero.
6. "Einstein's Daughter" by Sam Woodworth: "Let's act fancier than we are.", what a statement.
7. "The Trouble With Vertigo" by Josh Honn: This is Josh's 2nd piece to appear in 2nd hand. His idea of normal is not normal.

1. Coffee by Time Travel Opportunists: Five story written by the TTO crew. This chap comes with a CD, coffee bean, and badge. 3 euros
2. Paul Simon by Chris Killen: There were only 50 printed, and they were handed out for free. Review here and here.
3. 2008 Nissan Versa: I actually got a new car this week, it is very nice!
4. Formula Werks "Secret Stach": This is you last chance to pre-order new gear from Joey Potts, Brian Morris, Food One, and more!

1. Qunst.mag "Plants & Flowers": Great zine!
2. MP3 Goodies: Marlena Shaw "California Soul" (Diplo Remix) (mp3) from Verve Remixed 4, A Night in the Box "Write A Letter" (mp3), and Parenthetical Girls "Joan of Arc (Maid of Orleans)" (mp3)

1. Tickly Feather " Fancy Walking"
2. Langhorne Slim "Rebel Side of Heaven"
3. Pilcrow was great! I finally got to meet several writers who I had interviewed and many more who I would love to interview. This was the first panel of the day, and it is on blogging.


chris killen said...

hi. thanks for mentioning 'Paul Simon'. if you want a copy, email me your address and i'll post you one.

Anonymous said...

Unquiet Desperation shout-out! Dopeness.

Colin Bassett said...

good job

chris killen

you are on top

of things

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the shot out, Jason! I really, really appreciate it. It's actually my third piece at THE2NDHAND. I think Todd is the only one who'll publish me. Heh. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

Duncan Cheshire said...

Hello. Thanks for linking to my Paul Simon review. Good work.

Have you read/heard of Gravity's Rainbow/Mason & Dixon by Shane Jones/Chris Killen? That is also very good, but in limited supply.