Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Watch List

1. Alan Wilkis: Babies Dream Big, the latest album from Brooklyn musician Alan Wilkis, was sent to me electronically this past week and I can not stop signing it. Alan walks the thin line between pure cheese and electro greatness. '80's synth with '70's funk and souls, Alan knows how to craft a fine tune. Listen to: It's Been Great (mp3)
2. Clair: On June 3rd, Brooklyn based band Clair will release a full length a filled beautifully pop melodies, rich female vocals, and sparse piano driven tracks. The Long Road is not to be missed! Listen to: Every Day (I Walk Over, I Walk On) (mp3)
3. Company of Thieves: Chicago is home to this quartet led by Genevieve Schaltz. Their latest release is called Ordinary Riches. Listen to: Oscar Wilde (mp3)

1. "The Platypus Pt. 2" by Zach Plague: This is the second installment previewing the forthcoming novel from Zach Plague to be published by Featherproof Books August 1st.
2. "Star's Jar" by Kate Beauford: This is a long one, but worth it.
3. "In the Restaurant" by Bradley Sands: I don't know where this restaurant is, but I want to go. 4. "Surviving The Art of Futurism" by Sarah Mattson-Fishman: Fleshy Parts!
5. "The Horror and The Hero" by Kevin Shamel: "Crows in my coffee"... great line.
6. "T-Bone Licker" by Match Ryan: Disgusting, yet funny.
7. "The Process of Decay" by Michele McDonnald: Big Zygotey thoughts next week on OA... Go Michele!

1. The Green Flash: A flash fiction literary magazine published quarterly out of Chicago, Illinois. They publish stories told in 1,000 words or fewer that are wildly visual, immediately engaging, and fully complete. They will be having a reading on May 21st. That's a Wednesday night, 9pm, at Town Hall Pub (3340 N Halsted).
2. Elbis, the book: Hand crafted by Mulele Jarvis In addition to giclee print sequences, each book contains individually hand-painted art. Each book is unique; no two books are identical. Very limited edition of 20 books. 16 X 11 cm, 198 cm unfolded, 3000 Yen
3. Wallet 2.0: Wallet 2.0 is made out of very soft silicone, available in 5 colors and comes with a patent pending system of refill sheets that allow you to be really organized (at least in your wallet). Think of the refill sheets as a manila folder in your wallet, giving you immediate access to the item you are looking for. $35

1. Echo Nest: Newly launched (May 8th) for all of the fans of the RIYL reviews (of which I am not) and for those who google "sounds like .... M.Ward, etc.". Echo will recommend up to 15 similiar artist for each that you put on your profile.
2. RMP/WTWDAOA Interview Series: Have you ever been a featured writer/artist/musician on What to Wear During an Orange Alert? RMP has teamed up with Orange Alert in bringing Rural Messengers Press contributors' interviews to print, we are offering a free copy to anyone who has been featured on the Orange. Contact RMP ( for your copy.

1. James Eric (OA's honorary videographer) chronic cataloger of a things indie and musical in Chicago has sent me four videos from the show at South Union Arts this past week. My favorite is Emperor X (watch) (not because I'm in it either), also included Porches (watch), CT Ballentine (watch), and of course Real Live Tigers (watch).
2. "Drink Paint" by Willie Smith: Gives a whole new meaning to "taste the rainbow".
3. Megafaun "Lazy Suicide" and Interview... Greatest electro-gospel-folk band ever! (and no that is not Seth Rogan singing lead)

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