Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Watch List

1. The Winter Sounds: This Georgia band released their debut album last year, and will be on the road all summber long.
2. Presto: This young producer from Culver City, CA has a new dropping on June 18th on Concrete Grooves Records.
3. Good Old War: Recently signed to Sargent House, Gold Old War are currently recording their latest album. Listen to: Coney Island (mp3)

1. decomP May 2008: Featuring work by Jason Fisk, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Andrew Hall, Bradley Sands, Alicia Adams, Andy Henion, and Jim Fuess.
2. "Night Driving" by CL Bledsoe: Dead deers and tire irons.
3. "Interview with Spencer Dew" by Aleathia Drehmer: Two of my favorite writers having a conversation.
4. "Kettle!" by kek-w: A giant howling kettle in the center of city.
5. "Teen Heaven" by Jose Garibaldi: I've been trying to get more into comics and graphic novels. I though I would start with a friend.
6. "Mr. Ballet" by Lauren Spohrer: Mr. Ballet has Jazz Feet!
7. "Two Poems" by Chris Major: These are from the April Issue of Word Riot. I just received an e-mail from Chris with more concrete/visual poems. You can download his free Echap Concrete and Calligram here.

1. The Bird Machine: Local prints from Jay Ryan
2. The Coffee Collective: This is Danish coffee and their slogan is "Ready to be Cupped".

1. Etel Magazine Issue #3: Art, Design and Music come together in this zine out of Mexico.
2. Protus Mag Issue #4: This is Dustin Parker's project and one of the greatest art zines around.

1. Tapes n' Tapes: "Hang'em All"
2. These New Puritan: "Elvis"

3. Santogold: "L.E.S. Artiste"
4. Hot Robot Girlfriend the Video!

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