Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Paint the Town Orange

May 23rd, 2008 - The House Cafe - Dekalb, IL - Yea Big & Kid Static w/Frequency En Mass, Egon's Unicat , Son Of Starkiller
Images by Chris Szostek

Arriving at the House Café in Dekalb about 20 minutes late, I expected to hear the sounds bass and maybe a few scratches pumping through the streets as I approached the building. I knew there were four acts on the bill, and with the headliner being my favorite hip hop duo since Nice n’ Smooth, Yea Big & Kid Static, I was looking forward to a night of hip hop. Instead I was greeted by the sounds of guitars and screams of Frequency En Mass. Ignoring the comparisons to Minor Threat I tried to stay hyped the beats that would soon follow.

Off to the right, just past the merch tables, there is a tiny studio set-up (stripped sheet held by duct tape, small wooden easel, and a table filled with paints). The artist painting to the music is local artist Hannah Dwyer, and her gallery show was to be held at The House on the 25th. She was painting on cardboard, and could not have been nicer. The sad bunny on the flyer for her art show reminded of Luke Church, but the pieces she created through out the night were beautiful and diverse.

Egon’s Unicat announced that they were a rock band before launch into an extremely entertaining set. Lead pipes, table jumping, flag waving, non-stop dancing, the screaming splits, lead singer Sean Patrick had it all. I have no doubt he will be a major rockstar in the near future. I said “Panic At the Disco?” and my friends said “Mindless Self Indulgence”.

As Son of Starkiller started to set-up a table on the stage, and unload equipment I became to get excited. The last time I saw a table like on a stage was when I was standing right in front of DJ Craze while he tore it up last summer. Unfortunately, Starkiller did not have any records or turntable, but he had a laptop and synth. Most of the show, after pressing play on the laptop, he just moved his head up and down while the song played. Twice he ever stepped away to get a drink, the small audience was left to stare at an empty stage. Live electronica… what more do I need to say?

Finally, Yea Big (Stefen Robinson) and Kid Static (Moses Harris Jr.) take the stage. Actually, they stretch and warm-up first, and then Yea Big strips down to his running outfit. They blaze through an energetic set, running through the café screaming, jumping into the air, dance routines, they did it all. The only song for their self-titled debut they played was “The Life Here”, but the also played “Eatcho Sandwich”. The rest of the set was incredible, hard hitting, aggressive new material. The new album is going to be tight! They also performed the theme to The Golden Girls, and it was great! After the show, we talked to Stefen and he talked about how hard the tour was on his body. Hannah (the artist) then handed him a huge painting of sandwich. All was right again!

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