Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Watch List

1. Other World: Chicago's Mark Hendryx creates classic alternative rock. Fun but meaningful, guitars and anthems. He is currently working on his third album 24 Hour Sun. Listen to: All I Need (mp3) from Sonic Spirit
2. Into Flight: UK band Into Flight plays epic noise rock. They were just signed to a small label Pit Viper. Their music soars and so should their career. Listen to: Vena Cave (mp3)
3. Fear of Music: "With the spirit of The Smashing Pumpkins, the screech of Placebo, the scale of (yes) Muse and the conscience of Manic Street Preachers, but also the grace of Jeff Buckley and the hysteria of Pixies, Fear Of Music mine a virgin sound all of their own." Wow, they summon the greats in their bio, but can they deliver... maybe. Listen to: A Blueprint (mp3)

1. The Gospel of Tom Cruise by Tom Cruise (aka Bore Parade): "I am the president of my inner life I impeach myself and appoint you" This is a 12 chapter guide to the internal thoughts one Mr. Tom Cruise. I love the fact that he has trademarked love.
2. "Molt" by Claire Hero: "She fawns in a murmur of milk". This is from Claire's new chap, afterpastures, from Cake Train to be released in May.
3. Gloom Cupboard Issue #33: Not that every issue of GC is not great, but I like finding voices I haven't heard before. Joseph Goosey "Bears Without Honey" is greatness!
4. "The Plastic Flower Option" by Robert B. Travis: Directions for driving through the darkness of the desert.
5. "My Signature Moves" by Amanda Nazario: A drink by drink account of a house warming party.
6. "Between the Cracks of Everything" by William Taylor Jr.: To slip between reality for a moment and just breath, not lose time, not lose opportunity, just to slip for a minute... I'm in!
7. "Sometimes Girls" by Ben Segal: A glass plate and a stolen experimental cow.
8. "An Introduction to my Open Mike Poetry Set" by S. Craig Renfroe, Jr.: This is from the new hardcore-indie-underground-ultra-cool-zine that somehow manages to combine art, music, & lit (imagine that... ). This Zine Will Rock Life and Change My World... or something.

1. Awake: A Reader for the Sleepless: A collection of stories, poem, comics, essays, clipping edited by Steve Lee Beeber all designed to help the sleepless and entertain the rest. $15.95
2. "Who I Want in My Foxhole" by Megan Dorien: Collage on paper and wood with little pink army guys. $810
3. I wish I was somehow involved in Version Fest.

1. Load Issue 11: Music, Film, Art, Style... sorry lit geeks!
2. Search Me: It's the new google!

1. Joseph Arthur "Echo Park" (Live): Joseph is performing at MUSEUM OF MODERN ARTHUR 25 Jay Street Brooklyn, New York this Saturday. Space is limited, tickets available HERE.
2. Mates of States "Get Better": This is he new video from the fifth studio album, Re-Arrange to be released on May 20th.
3. Anarchy 6 "Babylon Rules": Not the song I was looking for, but I finally found the band. More on Anarchy 6 tomorrow.
4. Vivek Shraya Behind the Scenes of the making of "Power"

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Mike Bushnell said...

I am Tom Cruise. Thank you for the link.