Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Watch List

1. Rustcycle: Primarily the work of Adrian Johnson, Rustcycle combines electronic music with live instruments resulting in a great sound. Listen to: The Vaulted Blue (mp3)
2. Fishhawk: This band creates tiny pop music straight from Alabama.
3. Red Light Company: This London band recently signed to Lavolta Records in the UK. They create wonderful pop music. Listen to: a three song sampler (YSI)

1. "The Platypus" by Zach Plague: This is actually an except from Zach's upcoming debut from featherproof.
2. "Blow" by Melissa Mann: An incredible story of the darker side of life.
3. "The Fight" by Charles Edward Brooks: A story with a "chubby blonde"... it makes me think of your the one for me fatty.
4. "The Cracks and Strains!" by Gabe Durham: I had no idea why this was labeled experimental until the very end. Nice one Gabe! Those tireless tencho drummers get me every time.
5. "Slideshow" by Miles J. Bell: A walk down memory lane, and proof why Miles does not play ska.
6. "Topless Breakfast" by David Jordan: I think I lost my appetite.
7. "Being Chris Beniot" by Matt Finney: A story of realizing your power and sadness in the same moment.

1. Six Sentences, Volume 1: This is a 374 page collection of the very best of the now legendary Six Sentence Lit journal. Robert McEvily has really created a literary monster, and now exploring his various options. Check out 6S Films and 6S Art.
2. Black & White Bangers Volume 4: Just released and well... Bangin'. A series of monochrome explorations on watercolor paper by Matt W. Moore. $28
3. Anything from Bleeding Heart Organic Bakery: The mixture of punk rock, organic ingredients, and baked goods, you add in The Beat Kitchen being just down the street and you have yourself a great day.

1. Pinnacle Issue #1: Brand new art zine of Canada, this mag has already got it down.

1. Architecture in Helsinki "Like It Or Not": Great new video from AIH.... (Saturday Morning Cartoon).
2. Mike Doughty "Foot Hood": One of the most recognisable voices in music, Mike Doughty is back again.
3. Dan Deacon "Okie Dokie": The most unlikely rockstar I have ever seen!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jason! I was a little surprised at the "experimental" tag myself, but I've come to embrace it. When people ask me what I do, I now say "scientist."

Nobius said...

Congrats on "Orange Alert Press" perhaps down the road we can do a joint project. I have several things planned for my own "Calliope Nerve Media", now if only money grew on trees. :)

Chris Benoit, what a tragedy. He was the greatest technical wrester ever.