Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Watch List

1. Stroik: This 21 year old from Morrisville, NC records melodies and hushed vocal in his bedroom, and he fancies Jennifer Jason Leigh (but don't we all?). Listen to: The Wrong Eulogy (mp3)
2. Orange Is In: You better believe Orange (Alert) Is In! I am also down for a little rock from Texas. Listen to: Sticky Finger (mp3)
3. Bill Shute "Spirit": from Bill, "Composer Paul Marbach's setting of my 2006 suite of poems SPIRIT, adapted for voice and piano, is now available as a free download thanks to the generosity of the composer." This recording was made in November of 2007 and features Kendra Shute on Alto vocals. SPIRIT was originally published in the Spring of 2006 as Kendra Steiner Editions #11(volume 6 in the Sound Library Series) and is now out-of-print. To access the sheet music and the composer's commentary go here. Listen to: Spirit (mp3)

1. "In San Francisco with My Father" by Zayra Yves: A story of neglect told graveside. Wonderfully done!
2. "Ruiner" by Blake Butler: "Those women in the supermarket who offer free samples have homes where at night they sleep." I thought they slept in fields of tiny plastic cups and triangle shaped napkins!
3. "99 Cents" by Joseph Thayer: Brooklyn family life.
4. "Saturday in the Quality Save in Chorlton" by Chris Killen: There is a new issue of Lamination Colony. There is quality fresh nudity filled issue of Lamination Colony. There is a issues on the website. There are many words. There are creatively combined words.
5. "Djinn Dummy" by David Gianatasio: Have you ever had a conversation with a genie?
6. Mississippi Review April '08 Issue: This is there movie issue and feature several great short pieces of fiction. My favorite is "Godzilla" by Brandon Scott Gorrell.
7. "Without" by Joseph Veronneau: A poem of grief and loss.

1. A share of Tim Hall new project AuthorShares: What an idea! Buy a share (or more) in a specific project of an independent writer or publisher, and actively cheer for their stock to rise.
2. Chuck Taylor Cellphone Charms: I'm not sure what I would do with a cellphone charm, but I am life-long fan of Chuck Taylors!
3. "I Pretend to Work" Silkscreen print by Andy Smith: Don't we all!
4. Graffiti Verite! Vol 1-5: Featuring 100's of the top graffiti artists Bob Bryan's award-winning documentary reveals the underground world of the urban art form. $138

1. Covert Press Chapbook Contest: Just e-mail your manuscript during the month of April to Winner gets their chapbook published and 20 copies. Judged by Devin D'Andrea and Michael Grover
2. Proteus Mag Issue #4: This is a great art zine run by Dustin Parker. Issue 4 features work by Zach Johnson, Tony Philippou, Dolan Geiman, Jay Taylor, and many more.

1. James Eric performing "Bruises" (Real Live Tigers cover): Show stopper delivered beautifully by Mr. Eric!
2. Foals "Cassius": You have to love meat swinging on a string.
3. Treiops Treyfid "Animals of the Future" at MJ Higgins Earth Day 2008 (Los Angeles).
4. "Lesson 3" Double Dee & Steinski live 2002: More from this hip-hop legend.

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FastFrwrd said...

Thanks for the plug! Bill Shute told me you'd mentioned Spirit on your site, so I just wanted to send my thanks. Pretty cool site you've got here- I've been looking through the archives for almost an hour now!

Paul Marbach