Monday, April 21, 2008

The Orange Spotlight

Karl Koweski Demon Country (Showcase Press, 2007)

"So many times you've been tempted to just walk away. It would be so easy. It would be the easiest steps you've ever taken. Yet you stay. She's your addiction." from "Accumulating Hells"
In every life there are a few demons, not skeletons... demons. The dark addictions, the thoughts of death, the moments of rage, apathy, and fear that seem to mix so well with liquor and drugs, these are the modern demons that fill the pages Koweski's Demon Country. Karl has always held the magical ability to capture the life on the fringe of financial poverty and mental despair. His stories and poems paint a such vivid picture of the daily lives of the working class. However, he then takes his characters and pushes them to limits beyond their level of comforts just to see how they react.

Karl Koweski is a good friend of and reader of Orange Alert, he writes a monthly column for and co-edits Zygote in my Coffee. He is a displaced Chicagoan living on top of a mountain in Alabama. This is his fifth chapbook, and preceeds his other release of 2007 "Diminishing Returns" (sunnyoutside press).

Demon Country was released last April by Showcase Press, but still be purchased for $7.50 through paypal.

Langhorne Slim & The War Eagles s/t (Kemado, April 29, 2008)

"I'm Dreaming of leaving my demons, and the first one I'm leaving is you" from "Hummingbird"

Leopards lurking in trees like vicious memories of lost time, lost love, and lost faith. Faith in a future without demons, faith that someday ever thing will be alright, faith that your dreams really will come true. As time seems to move forward without control or direction you begin to believe that your life is somehow different, like you are always a step behind, like you are consistently missing out on something. Not good enough for success, but quite at the bottom of hill, not good enough for heaven, but not in hell, landing directly on the rebel side of heaven.

On his latest album, Sean Scolnick (aka Langhorne Slim) has created a soulful album full of confused hope, unknown futures, and a perfect sense of longing. On top of all of this thought lives great melodies, poppy sounds, and a great and powerful singing voice. At their core these are love songs, but just as in actual love these songs are complex in theme but appear simple on the surface. So as the leopards stare down wondering where their next meal might come from, man and woman continue to walk alone wondering with their next touch might come from.

Spinning Compass/Rebel Side of Heaven (mp3)/Restless/Sometimes/She's Gone/Hello Sunshine/Diamonds are Gold/The honeymoon/Tipping Point/Oh Honey/Worries/Hummingbird

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Nobius said...

Karl rules. I want to live on top of a mountain too. :)