Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Release Tuesday

Tokyo Police Club - Elephant Shell Listen to: 2 in a Cave (mp3)
The Weepies - Hideaway Listen to: Little Bird (mp3)
Flight of the Conchords - s/t Listen to: Ladies of the World (mp3)
Bridges and Powerlines - Ghost types Listen to: The Golden Age (mp3)
Beat Union - Disconnected
Biography of Ferns – Pastel Gothic
Blind Melon - For My Friends
Bum Kon – Drunken Sex Sucks Listen to: Drunken Sex Sucks (mp3)
El Perro Del Mar - From the Valley to the Stars Listen to: Glory to the World (mp3)
Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Momofuku (LP Only, CD out in May)
Juno Reactor - Gods & Monsters Listen to: Inca Steppa (mp3)
Portishead - Machine Gun (single)
Pepi Ginsberg - Red