Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Watch List

1. The Box Social: Clean cut indie rock from the land of cheese. They will be in Chicago on April 19th at Elbo Room. Listen to: Big T (mp3)
2. Evan Voytas: 24 yrs old and swirling electronics like a young James Murphy. Evan Voytas has mastered the blend of rock and electro and added lazy harmonies for good luck. He released his debut ep this past week, and has big plans for 2008. Listen to: The Yellow World of '83 (mp3)
3. Oh! Cluster: This band sent me a cluster of song a little over a week ago and they have been drifting through my head ever since. Listen to: Post (mp3)

1. "Lopped Off" by Robert Repino: What if you could control what you dream about?
2. "Staring Down a White-Tailed Doe" by Aleathia Drehmer: A tale of rural American glory.
3. "The Center of the Universe" by Tony Bonds: I haven't had a good nectarine in years.
4. "A 1980's Teen Sex Comedy Becomes Politically Uncomfortable" by Andrew Golden: Weird Science meets Hard Ball.
5. "Maybe Love Can Do That Too" by Nick Ostdick: Who doesn't like the term "Manifest Destiny".
6. "Enough Said" by Amy Havel: All the things women want to hear, but guys never say.
7. "A Little Money Down" by Doug Milam: There is also an interview Doug available at THE2NDHAND.
8. "Duel" by Jason Jordan: Jason will be in Chicago on April 26th for the next RAGAD reading.

1. "Owl Activist" by Mark Penxa: Available through P is for Panda "Eat People not Animals" is a classic! $10
2. Full 2008 Subscription to Ugly Duckling Presse: Full Presse subscriptions include all UDP books and chapbooks and some other productions (postcards, 6x6 magazine, New York Nights, selected broadsides and ephemera). $80/$125

1. Map Issue #4: Music meets art... what a wonderful collision.
2. MP3 Goodies: Metro Station - Control (Weird Science Remix) (mp3), Panda Bear - Comfy in Nautica (XXXChange Remix) (mp3), Longhorne Slim - Rebel Side of Heaven (mp3), and Unwed Sailor - Aurora (mp3)

1. Vegemite Queen by Steph Chard: Steph is a great young artist who just happened to have painted a portrait in Vegemite. More on Steph in the week's to come...
2. "Enough Isn't Enough" by Fake Fictions: Chic-A-Go-Go is strange and the Fake Fictions Rock! 3. "Modern Drummer" by Ungdomskulen: Speaking of strange... I am oddly drawn to this video.
4. Man Bartlett Artist Statement

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