Monday, March 24, 2008

The Orange Spotlight

Bess Rogers Decisions Based on Information (Self-Released, 4/8/2008)

Everyday we are faced with decisions, some are major and life-changing and others, like how many instruments to fill your album with, are in comparison minor. When faced with either decision the best way to address a decision is to first gather information then analyze said information until a logical decision can be made. Let's examine our second example, when asking the questions should I make music that is simply guitar, drums, and bass, or should I add violin, french horn, pirate drum, vibes, marimba, accordion, and so on? Now, I am not suggesting that exciting music can not be made using drum, guitar and bass, but the music of Bess Rogers is a carnival of sound, filled with thought, information, adventure. It is clear that this Brooklyn resident has done her homework and clearly made the right decisions.
Bess Rogers was born into music, her father built harpsichords and her mother played those harpsichords. She has a Master's Degree in Studio Composition and began recording this, her debut, album in 2006. She record most of these tracks with her good friend Dan Romer. Even though her debut album took two years to complete, you quickly get the feeling that is only the begin for Bess Rogers.

You and Me/I Would Never/Modern Man/Undone/Sunday (mp3)/Only One/Earthquake/Waltz me/Notice/See Me? See You!

MK Chavez Visitation (Kendra Steiner Editions, March 2008)

"It's better to die."

One of the hardest decisions a family has to make is how to care for their elderly. Do you care for them at home or do you put them in a home and promise to visit. Throughout my life I have had the unfortunate opportunity to visit a relative in a care facility, and there are several things that you will never forget about these visitations. The smells, the sights, the odd almost frightening encounters, the entire experience is tragic. Visitations begin to decrease in frequency, and in cases stop all together. There is an obligation, but there is dread and fear attached to each visit.

Visitations is the latest chapbook from MK Chavez, and it follows who the reader believes is a young boy visiting his Grandma. This eight part poem delves deep into mind and emotion of the journey and thought of visitation day.

There were only 77 copies of this chapbook printed, and I sit here pondering #22. To order your copy visit Kendra Steiner Editions, $4.

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