Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Orange Spotlight

The OaKs Songs for Waiting (Self-Released, 3/4/08)

When I first pulled out this CD, I wasn't sure I wanted to hear songs for waiting, honestly I am tired of waiting. I don't want to be the thoughtful soul in the back of the cafe, sipping black coffee and quietly scribbling to himself. Why can't I be a madman? Mainly because something is about to explode here in Chicago, and I don't want to simply capture or fan the flames. I want to light the match!

If you like gentle folk-pop with a steady xylophone backbone, thoughtful lyrics, and a little jazz thrown in for fun... Don't wait check out the OaKs! In fact, if you listen closely you may find you may find out that these are not "songs for waiting", but song of passion and urgency... life and war!

The Two Calls (of Dietrich Bonhoeffer)/Mashood (mp3)/Old Bones/Pike County/After the Fires/The Attraction of the Pilgrim/Here I am Again/War Changes Everything/The Heart is a Lonely Hunter/Song For Waiting

To order Songs for Waiting go here, you can also stream the album here.

Still (sound library series, volume 29) by Bill Shute (Kendra Steiner Editions, Feb. 2008)

"Captains of Industry/full symmetrical/white-grape bunch"

There is no greater calm then standing completely still in the middle of an open field surrounded by freshly fallen snow. It is a stillness of thought, of life, a stillness that is difficult to capture. Through music, stillness can be found between the notes, between the beats, between the tracks. It is the moments that are still that allow the music and snow to come alive.

In this brief chap, one poem spanning five pages, Bill paints a scene full of chilly imagery and well placed pauses. I have always been drawn to Bill's style, his brief phrases, his well placed words, filling every inch of the page. It is his sparse technique that lends itself to placing a premium on words selection, and Bill has selected a few incredible words for this poem.

Kendra Steiner Editions has published only 24 copies of Still, and just read #9. Order yours today!

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kungfudrummer said...

Here is the final list of days and times The OaKs will be playing SXSW:

Wed, March 12th - 12AM - Official Showcase @ The Wave (408 E 6th St, Austin, TX)

Thur, March 13th - 3:30PM - Team Love Day Party @ Sonny's Vintage (29th & Guadalupe) -

Fri, March 14th - 5PM - Team Grizzly Day Party @ Pangea's Patio (2712 B Guadalupe St)

Sat, March 15th - 2PM - Deja Vai Party @ Spiros (611 Red River St)