Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Watch List

1. The Diaphanoids: Allegedly from outer space, Andrea Bellentani and Simon Maccari create dance music with an unashamed look back at the music of the 70's and 80's. This is top notch Italian space disco. Their ep, Mermaids Of Lunaris, will be released on March 31st. Listen to: Weightless Motionless (mp3)
2. Heroes of Popular Wars: "You'll often find a 2 minute pop song surrounded by jams on both the intro and the outro. I guess that's how we do." That is exactly what this Brooklyn band does. Wrapped around a gooey pop center are harsh experimental electronic nosies and samples. Truly enjoyable and unusual. Listen to: There's the Bell (mp3)
3. Meho Plaza: This Los Angeles based trio is a high energy crew who are preparing for their upcoming tour, are all set to release their debut album on May 6th. Listen to: I Sold my Organs (mp3)

1. "Calling in Sick to Die" by Josh Honn: New Release fan and frequent commenter, Josh Honn, has a clever yet tragic story up at 2ndhand.
2. "Ape Walk" by Nick Ostdick: This is an incredible story, friendship, drugs, action... it's got it all!
3. "No Pretty Boy" by Rusty Barnes: I honesty can't stop reading Mr. Barnes' flash fiction. He has the incredible ability to do more with less, and still tells an incredible story. I am working on questions as you read this... Check your inbox...
4. "The String Manual" by Christopher Fritton: This one isn't new, but I thought I would revisit the wonderful work of Christopher Fritton in preparation for his new chap from sunnyoutside, My Fingernails Are Fresnel Lenses.
5. "Brief History of Girl as Match" by Kristy Bowen: A beautifully designed pdf chap from this Chicagoan.
6. Two Poems by Joseph Veronneau: "Placement" is a really moving piece. Nice work JV!

1. Midnight blue LG 7.3 cu. ft. Ultra Capacity: I went dryer shopping today, and this is not what I brought. I did saw at for a long time. Five elderly salesmen, still wearing their class rings, asked me if they could help me. I just stared. $1,420
2. Sustainable Bamboo Bath Caddy w/ Book Stand & Wine Glass Holder: I swear I saw a picture of Morrissey using one of these once, but I may be mistaken. $48.75
3. Pieces and Pieces #1: The DIY paper zines is alive and well! $4
4. Scribble Faster #2: The Mix Tape: Megan Gerrity is a writer who has published three compact chaps/zine. Megan tells us of some past relationships relating them to mix tapes. $2

1. Drexter Issue #2: This is a great Art zine!
2. Ryhmefest "Man in the Mirror" Mixtape: This is Chicago's Rhymefest paying honest tribute to Michael Jackson. It takes you back to an era when Michael was King!

1. Basia Bulat "In The Night": This is her new single out on Rough Trade.
2. Nicole Atkins "Maybe Tonight": Clowns scare me!
3. Sound Opinions of Conan: Chicago music critics on Conan.
4. In Search of Why? pt 3 and pt 4
5. Headlights "Cherry Tulips"

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