Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Watch List

1. C. Robin Madigan - You may be saying to yourself; "Self, is this item in the wrong section?". The answer is, no. It is true the Mr. Madigan is a published writer ("Tape Hiss"), and that he will receive his MFA in Writing in May. However, there is more to this Evanston resident then simply writing. On the song Don't Dream For Us, Conor sings and plays every instrument. It's a lazy ride with a wise warning. Listen to: Don't Dream For Us (mp3)
2. Loir - Sydney, AU is home to this angel-voiced singer who earlier this month released his second album in Australia. His latest single "I'll Forget You" features Sia and now that Valentine's Day has passed you may have a listen. Listen to: I'll Forget You (mp3)
3. Mach FoX - Minnesota! I have been receiving a lot of quality music from up north lately, and Mark Howard (aka Mach FoX) is no exception. Synth, drum machine, electro-glimmer galore! Listen to: Build it Down (mp3)

1. "Everybody Wants to be a Poet" by Justin Hyde: Listen more, talk less... the story of my life. Justin Hyde is everywhere!
2. "Everything is Wrong With You: A Letter From Dr. Phil" by Wendy Molyneux: It's not a pretty picture, but it is so funny.
3. "Dings" by Wayne Conti: Oh, the relationship between father and son.
4. "Exponential" by Blake Butler: Recent words exchanged regarding Blake Butler, "he's just goddamn intriguing"... "Blake Butler = madman!"... "Blake Butler is, truly, on top of things"
5. "The Cedar of Lebannon" by Jason Jordan: I thought for sure there would be a winged cat, a holy angelic cat, perched high in twisted gray branches of the sacred tree. Just a thought, nice work Jason!
6. Five with Ben Tanzer: I never knew Ben was in Wham!, but I know want to go to Coachella. Anyway, Amy Guth conducted this interview in promotion of the colossal Pilcrow Lit Fest on May 22nd to the 25th.

1. "In Chambers" by Richard Krech: Law-inspired poems? If you are as intrigued as I am, preorder a copy from Sunnyoutside Press today. $10
2. YWater: Brain Water, Immune Water, Muscle Water, Bone Water. I wonder what is in the muscle water.
3. Mighty Leaf Tea: For all of you tea drinkers out there, this is the best cup of tea I have ever had. It comes in a silk pouch, and they only use whole leaves. Try their Chocolate Truffle Teas!

1. Analogue Issue #3: This is a new music zine out of Dublin. Issue #3 features Radiohead, CSS, Jens Lekman, and more. As always it is available in pdf format for free.
2. Five to Nine First Last Impressions: This is the one year anniversary issue of this great Minnesota zine.

1. In Search of Why? Episode 1: Stalking Yoni: Casey And Paul's Quest Begins and Episode 2: Stalking Yoni: Casey And Paul Have Arrived
2. Beach House - "You Came To Me"
3. I know it is a year old, but these two artists have a 4 person show coming up at Cinder's Gallery in Brooklyn, NY with Matthew Feyld.

David Herman Dune & Julien Langendorff
by Chronicart

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