Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Watch List

1. JDSY - Joey Sims (aka JDSY) creates complex electronic soundscapes that allow his deadpan delivery to float and weave without much effort. Recently signed to Ghostly International, he full length debut will be released sometime this year. For now enjoy his new release on Moodgadget Records, Understander EP. Listen to: Undertaker (mp3)
2. Shwayze - Cisco Adler is Shwayze, and he is a going for that Everlast/Sublime/G. Love vibe. Why not? Listen to: Buzzin' (mp3)
3. Mystery Palace - This Minneapolis-based trio's agenda is electronic music, but underneath it all they simply want people to dance and have a good time. Pick-up their latest release from Zod Records.

1. The return of decomP! The February issue of decomP is live and beautiful, read every word. 2. "Barking Angels" by Michael Piafsky: A detailed account of a really bad experience with pills. 3. 2 Poems by Karl Koweski: Two very different poems from this always insightful writer.
4. Maybe this should go under "listening", but the incredible Aleathia Dehmer has established a myspace page dedicated to audio versions of her poems. They are all available for download and all perfectly delicious. She says that someone once asked her if she would every consider the idea of recording an album instead of or in addition to releasing a chapbook, I wonder who that someone might be?
5. "On Kindness and Hipness as They Relate to Cultural Production" by Gabriel Gudding: This is an essay about joining a literary movement in one part, and in another about how you can not be kind and hip. I completely disagree about kindness.
6. Beat The Dust Jan. 08 Issue: I am really enjoying the podcast feature of this lit journal. Besides it has to great when 50% of the writers featured in this issue have been interviewed for Orange Alert!

1. Freak La Notte’s T-shirts Collection: "Every t-shirt is like little canvases of super-styled surrealism in limited edition of 50 pieces."
2. "Mortarville" by Grant Bailie: A new release from IG Publishing, this novel focuses on John Smith, a test-tube baby living in an underground Government facility. "Mortarville explores the fundamental question of what it means to be human in a world that is losing its humanity." $14.95
3. I am wishing that I was a cool as Butternut Squash!

1. Page-a-Week CIA calendar: Cental Illustration is giving away these great weekly calendars for free.
3. Magical, Beautiful "Winterlude, Winterlude": A live wintry mix recorded with the intent to give to friends and family. This mix contains everything from Brian Eno to Bob Dylan to Lavander Diamond.
4. MP3 Goodie: The Raveonettes - Dead Sound (Remix by Peter Holmstrom and Jeremy Sherrer) (mp3)

1. The Big Sleep on La Blogotheque
2. Eclectic Method XL Megamix: One of the finest video mashers in the business!
3. Reb Livington "My Uncommon Concubine"

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