Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Orange Spotlight

The LK Vs. The Snow (The Kora Records, March 4th)

"Where did all the love go?/I don't know why my friends always call me romeo."

It's a robotic dance with partner that was not your first choice, but now looks slightly less unappealing in the candle lit club. You dance and twirl with smiles and confusions, until you bump into the wrong guy and receive a punch to your round jaw. It's odd happiness that precedes danger and excitement.

Malmo, Sweden's The LK (The Love of Kevin, Colour, Chaos, and the Sound of K) is the collaboration between Lindefelt, abstract sound artist and vocalist, and Fredrik, melodies and chords. What immediately jumps out at the listener of Vs. The Snow is the pleasant pop tunes and bouncy dance tracks. However, when you listen a little closer you start to discover the complexity of the electronic soundscapes that these pop tunes are built upon. These 11 tracks shine with fuzzy bells and beeps, jaunty keyboards, and beats galore. Lindefelt guarantees that there is not a dull second sonically, and has penned some of the more surprisingly clever and humorous lyrics in pop music today. You think you are listen to a certain type music, but then the compulsive electronics and the abstract lyrics to hold and you really don't mind at all.

Vs. the Snow (preorder)
Anorak and other complicated Words Beginning With An A/Eurovision/Tamagotchi Freestyle/Down By Law/Stop Being Perfect/Private Life of a Cat (mp3)Tandem Bikes/ Transistor Tropics/The Love of Little Things/Blakboy Vs. The Snow/Yellow Ribbons

Zachary German Eat When You Feel Sad

"He goes to a grocery store and looks for a small bag of organic corn chips for one dollar and eighty nine cents or less but only sees large bags of organic corn chips for three dollars and sixty nine cents."

Robert is a very sad young man, he feels unloved and quite unaffectionate, and when he is at his darkest and lowest he searches for organic foods and low prices. I'm not sure where Robert lives, but I have always had much success with Trader Joe's. So what adventures might a health conscious, depressed young man go on in a 23-chapter novella you ask. Well he never gets too adventurous and he is usually very sleepy, but I suppose Rice drink will do that to you. I also suggest that Robert switch to Soymilk for the calcium and protein. This might give him more energy, and prevent shedding tears in the bedroom after applying exfoliant and listening to Broken Social Scene. Essentially, Robert either needs serious help or marijuana, I can't decide and neither can he.

Seriously, Zachary German is a writer who belongs to what appears to be a growing school of thought. There are a number of writer's who have taken the old saying "write what you know" to a new level. Much like the work of Tao Lin and Noah Cicero, Zachary writes of boredom and indifference because that is what he knows. That is what many twentysomething Americans know, but while other use writing as an escape, these writers choose to record the mundane. It is not about good or bad, it is not about emotion or passion, it simple just is. Now go buy an organic fruit roll and get some sleep.

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