Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Watch List

1. The Poison Control Center - Ames, Iowa is home to these pop playing guys who just happen to be on one of my favorite labels. Their debut full-length came out last September, but better late then never. You can stream the entire album here. Listen to: Glory Us (mp3)
2. Elias and The WizzKids - Wizzkids... how fitting! Their music is brilliant, fun, and magical. This band is from Stockholm and they make me happy and want to spin around in my chair. Listen to: The Dance (mp3)
3. LA Riots - "Where were you in '92?" Maybe its is far enough in the past we can have a dj crew with the LA Riots. I'm not sure if it even matters, but when I feel like putting my indie legs to the challenge, and I want to tire out little indie kids, I throw in a solid LA Riot remix. They have remixed some of the hottest names in underground dance music and thye have created the latest Scion mixtape as well. Listen to: Justice - The Party ft Uffie (LA Riots Remix) (mp3)

1. "Missionary" by Paul Eckert: It always seems like aliens are landing on this planet at the worst possible times.
2. "Feet in Socks" by Amy Guth: Memories of youth are always the most vivid.
3. "Susan" by Brandon Scott Gorrell: There is a little bit of Susan in every officer worker who dreams of a mental revolution.
4. "The Banality of Existence" by Lucien Kalen: Wow! "we have tainted reality by perceiving"... If we do not perceive reality is it actually reality?

1. Coachella 2008: It seems like we just finished the summer fest tours, but here we go again... Coachella 2008 line-up is out and tix went on sale yesterday! $269
2. Jason Limon Prints: This past week Jason Limon release 8 new prints through BlueFlip Art. Go buy one and feel good about contributing (10% per sale) to a children’s donation fund!! $45 to $19.95
3. Message Tape: Currently sold out, but worth the wait. What an interesting way to leave a message. £7.50 ($11.05)

1. Literary Fever: No, it is not what a writer gets when he has a cold, but it is a great new pdf zine combining literature and art. This is honestly one of the best zine out there today.
2. Ilustre! magazine Issue #5: Their site says Sept. 07, but it was just released this past week, and is full of lots of great illustrations.
3 MP3 Goodies: No Kids "The Beaches All Closed" (mp3)

1. Sketchtravel: I am fascinated by this project, 50 artist, one book, one page each. The book travels all over the world until it is completed. Here is the video.
3. MGMT "Time to Pretend": Brand new video from the major label duo
4. Jens Lekman "Shirin" from La Blogotheque's Take-Away Shows/Concerts

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Anonymous said...

so i was searching for my name in google because i was that bored and am apparently that lame and i found your blog and it says you were reading the banality of existence. My pseudonym is kind of lame, but i like it so whatever. I just wanted to know how you found it and what you thought about it?