Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Watch List

1. Mini People in Coney Island - Rio de Janeiro is home to this wonderfully name musician who describes his music as a lo-fi ferris wheel, and I couldn't agree more. His casio music floats and twirls like a Saturday night carinval in July. His debut album is available for free download on his myspace page. Listen to: Brooklyn (mp3)
2. Trouble Over Toyko - Indie-lectro? I guess that sounds ok. Toph is from London and he claims to be the leader of the indie-lectro movement. However, it is more his voice than his programming skill that make Trouble Over Tokyo extremely exciting to listen to. Listen to: Assembly Line (mp3)
3. The Carrots - If you think The Pippettes are on the right path then you will love The Carrots. Austin, TX is home to this 60's girl group revival act. This year they will be touring all over the country and releasing a series of 7 inches on Elefant Records throughout 2008. The first one is due for release in March. Listen to: Beverly (mp3)

1. "Smoke and the Unventilated" by Christopher Cunningham: A rare short story from one of my favorite poets.
2. "Sitting on the Steps" by G. Emil Reutter: This is a story/poem hybrid about the girl next door.
3. "Off Day" by Charles Lennox: What a lovely thought, to take a day off from reality, all reality, not just work or school, but everything.
4. "This Will Go Down on Your Permanent Record (excerpt)" by Susannah Felts: Featherproof was kind enough to give everyone a preview of one my most anticipated books of 2008 as the latest installment of their mini-book series.

1. Freshly Dipped is now open! This brand new website features the works of 30 different artist. They have originals, prints, apparel, toys and more.
2. "Breaking it Down" by Rusty Barnes: This is the latest release from sunnyoutside press, and it is a collection of 18 pieces of flash fiction. $12

1. Iniciativa Colectiva Issue #8: One of the best art zine around, their January issue features the work Jeff Soto, Camilla Rose Garcia, Chris Anthony, and much more!
2. Inbox Goodies: The Epochs - Opposite Sides (mp3), The Big Sheep - Bad Blood (mp3)
Hello, Blue Rose - Sunny Skies (mp3)

1. Excepter "Burgers": From the forth coming album Debt Dept due March 8th, Excepter helps me remember why I am a Vegetarian!
2. Lucky Man Sells Out: We finally find out what Ben Tanzer runs on!
3. She & Him "You Put a Spell on Me (Live)": This has to be my most anticipated release of 2008 (sorry Moz!), Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward are going do it right and do it big.

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