Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Watch List

1. Spitzer - "Two brothers who got breast-fed in their earlier years by Axl Rose and Jimmy Page." Well, I imagine if you have Axl in your milk it might result in the total abscence of all rock elements. Their music has this infectious groove that you want to learn how to dance. These two brothers from Lyon, France are currently preparing their debut EP, Roller Coaster, and wanted to give the Orange Alert readers a small taste of they can expect from Spitzer this year. Listen to: Avida Dollars (mp3)
2. Brendan Losch - I've meaning to mention Mr. Losch for quite some time, and finally I have a great reason. Brendan is an amazing Chicago musician who just also happens to run the music blog, Count Me Out. Last week he made this post:

"I have made a goal for myself to record/post at least 1 new song a week and post it on here. Here is song #1 out of 52, hopefully, and I decided that it will be on my next record Until We Meet Again which I hope to work on and finish in the next few weeks."

The song he posted is called "Now or Never" (mp3). Now, I had always pegged Brendan as an ordinary folk signer, coffee house troubadour, etc. I was wrong, this song echoed through my office for hours, slowly dancing through my thoughts, and finally landing upon my keyboard. I must say I can't wait for song #2 (no pressure Brendan!).
3. Seel Fresh - Southwest side (of Chicago) representative Seel Fresh has been putting it down for quite some time. Seel originally earned his hip hop stripes through flourishing within Chicago’s competitive Graffiti scene. By achieving an all city status as a Graffiti Artist, Fresh was able to make to translate the notoriety from his graffiti into an interest for his music. His offical debut, Trife Life (Rapstar Records), was released back in 2006, but this past week he released a brand new video for the song "Drinkalot". He is currently preparing his “Street Famous” ep, (scheduled for a April 2008 release) along with many other surprises, so stay tuned.

1. Gloom Cupboard #16: Just released this past week, the 16th installment of Gloom Cupboard features poems from Aleathia Drehmer, Misti Rainwater-Lites, and David LaBounty. It also features a very uplifting Christmas story from Ben Ashwell.
2. "Sketches from the Accident (For Andre Dubus)" by Ben Tanzer: From three new stories up over at RAGAD. Don't forget: RAGAD # 5 Release Reading, Saturday, January 19th at The Book Cellar, 4736 N. Lincoln Ave at 7 PM. Featuring readings from Peter Anderson, Spencer Dew, Ben Tanzer, and Jill Summers. Editor Nick Ostdick will read and host. I am planning on attending and it should be a fun night!
3. Pack a Day by Lyn Perry: This piece of flash fiction feels like it could be a small piece of something larger, but it still leaves you fulfilled.
4. "Death of a Beast" by Amelia Gray: I don't know if I have ever thought about a dead squirrel this deeply. I really enjoyed this story, but I admit that initially I pictured an animated squirrel doing his best Red Fox impression.

1. Kendra Steiner Editions Update: There is so much activity it is almost too much to keep up with, but this month KSE plans to release several chapbooks you can read about here, including a collection from one of my favorites Hosho McCreesh. As always you can get view what's is still available from KSE here. All books are $4 or 3/$10.
2. Harry Allen Books Book Shelf - The Books Book Shelf by Harry Allen has a matte white resin finish and is wall mounted. From his famed Reality series, the Books book shelf has been cast from actual books. Since the majority of my readers are writer's and of course readers themselves, I thought this would be nice. $150
3. For the work of The Crash 74 to be available to the public. The site says it is coming soon, so we will have to check back. For now you view his shirts, stencils, and stickers.

1. AWEL online magazine Issue #1: A brand new art's magazine printed is two languages. Nicely done, and from more of a serious angle.
2. Dexter Issue #1: Another new one, however this one is not in english, but again art knows no langauge.
3. MP3 Goodies: New Headlights "Cherry Tulips" (mp3) and George Pringle "I'm very scared buster. Yes, at last" (link). In fact, George Pringle is giving away tracks on the first monday of every month until she decides otherwise.

1. The Books "Smells Like Content" - One my all-time favorites!
2. The Dodos "Fools" - I love this song.
3. Headline: Ben Tanzer Gives up Writing to Become the Guitar Hero Galactic Champion! Check it out.
4. "Sugar Waltz" from Chicago's Morning Recordings is a haunting song it begin with, but when you add this video... well, check it out for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting folks know about the new issue and the reading. Glad you're planning on coming out next Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you.

Brendan Losch said...

hey guys, i definitely appreciate the mention/support. oh man, the pressure really is on. i'm working on song #2 as we speak. welp, thanks again and hope all is well.

b said...


thank you for pick me up.


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