Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Watch List

1. Mark David Ashworth - Sometimes the simplest formula is the most appealing. Acoustic guitar, sparse electronics, and thoughtful melodies, MDA has it all. Listen to: Elevator Battle Distance (mp3)
2. Plugs - When you stare at numbers all day they all start to look familiar. Listening to promos all evening can do the same for songs. However, this track jumped out at me today, and maybe you will enjoy it as well. Listen to: That Number (mp3)
3. The Paper Backs - I really don't know much about this band, but I like listening to this song. I also know they are from Portland, and loved their tour stop in Chicago. Listen to: Wrong Drug Heart Attack (mp3)

1. Chapter 1 of Knuckle Society by Karl Koweski - Karl has posted the first chapter of his yet to be published novel on his myspace blog, and is open for comments. It focuses of his younger brothers, their friends, and their wrassling matches.
2. "Throwing A Life Preserver" by Alethia Drehmer - "I awoke to pressure/Between my ears/Air pressure/Word pressure/A third pressure/To find something/On which to write/It all down!"
3. "Choices" by Jacqueline Gum - I found this at Gloom Cupboard. There is also a new one from Miles J. Bell over there.
4. "Needle! Now! Broken!" by Brent Allen Smith - Alex Rose in a hospital dreaming of Owen Wilson.
5. "I Could Punch a Wolf" by Jonathan Messinger - The first issue of Please Don't is live, and I love the looks and the quality contributions.

1. Sorapot by Joey Roth - What a beautiful teapot, the initial run is only 300! $179
2. Graniph T-Shirts - With so many designs and colors it is incredible. I don't know if the ship to the US, but I can still dream. $19 (I converted it!)
3. Halls Ginger Ale Cough Drop - Oh, menthol vapors with a ginger ale aftertaste. $1.29

1. Season's Greeting from Robber's On High Street (mp3)
2. Cyclic Defrost Issue 18 - This is the November issue of this wonderful Australian Music zine. Find it here.

1. Blitzen Trapper "Wild Mountain Nation"
4. Ovenman - Blackout Scene - Wormdevil2 - This video was inspired by Jeff Parker's novel Ovenman.