Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Watch List


1. Danger & The Steel Cut Oats - Angelic folk music from Nashville, TN, or as a friend of the band put it, "It's civil war era inspired catchy depressing folk". Listen to: Call Us Home (mp3)
2. Pash - Friends from college, singing catchy '90s era alternative anthems. Listen to: The Best Gun (mp3)

1. "Look Ma No Hands" by Edward Cowan
2. "Inshallah" by J.M. Patrick - For those who feel lost sometimes.
3. "The Re-education Camp" by Aiden O'Reilly

1. Bandito Issue #1 - Great new free arts zine.
2. Five to Nine Issue #7 - Any issue of any mag called "Coffee & TV" is the issue for me.

1. The Greatest moments of the Greatest NBA Player of All-time, Reggie Miller.
2. A look at things to come: LoveLikeFire

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