Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Watch List

1. Eldridge Skell's The Rude Suitcase - I have no idea if this is what music typically sounds like in Iran, but this band is from Iran. Their bio say that their music is reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water, and while it does build tension the comparison my be lofty. I will say they have a unique sound. Their latest album was released on 9/11/07 by What is Delicate?Listen to: Horses Are Burning (mp3) and Here Come the Red Teeth (mp3)
2. Collections of Colonies of Bees - Milwaukee, WI can be very proud of this band. CCB will be releasing their new album in early '08. Their sound builds upon minimal noises and waves into something grand sophisticated.
3. Aaron Stout - An intimate sound, soft and blowing. This New Yorker is the perfect end to a crazy day. Listen to: Fountain of Youth (mp3)

1. "A Letter from My Future Self" by Nathan Thornton - The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is the "bomb-diggity!". I always thought it would be some chemical in coffee that would give me cancer, but now I know the real culprit.
2. "A Listless Zeitgeist" by Richard Egan - Any story containing the phase "I hate my life" sounds good after the day I had at work!
3. "Squash, Clothespins, Segway" by Sabra Embury - Her name was given to me as a favorite writer of someone a few months ago and since then I have been try to figure what exactly she does. She is definitly an avid blogger (but again who isn't, I've heard all the kids are doing it!), but I couldn't find much through my normal googling. This story has given me cause to continue my investigation.
4. Zygote In My Coffee Issue 99 was released this week, go-now-read!
5. A double feature from one of our favorites, Nick Ostdick: 'Catching the Old Man's Cure' and 'For Better Future Viewing'

1. One-of-a-kind Handcrafted double-sided Kim Frieder's original bookmarks - What a perfect gift for an Orange Alert fan (or editor), these will bring the art lover and the book worm together. $10 (Kim is also having a 10-20% holiday art sale, check it out!)
2. Misti Rainwater-Lites "Lullabies for Jackson" - This is one of my favorite chapbooks this year, and is really a nice little stocking stuffer for the wife. It reads much like a journal of a pregnancy, detailing the various thoughts and actions ever-mindful of the end result. $4

1. Iniciativa Colectiva The Aniversary Issue - Well, I may have made this claim before, but this is truly my absolute favorite arts zine. Download their 32mb aniversary issue today.
2. Naked Wales - Brand new arts zine "Revealing art & design in Wales", this is issue #1.
3. Crayon Physics - I'm awaiting the release of Crayon Physics Deluxe, but I thought I would share the original with everyone. I really can't think of two things that go together as well as Crayons and Physics.

1. Tunng "Bullets" - Cosmic junk collector orbits the earth.
2. Black Moth Super Rainbow on xlr8r TV episode #34
3. Dog Day "Oh Dead Life"
4. A taste of things to come... Yea Big & Kid Static!! I'm talkin' 'bout Chicago Ill.

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