Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Morning Mix

This week's mix is really a culmination of the events of the past few weeks, and a glimpse of what is coming in the next few week's. This past week, artist Matthew Feyld sent out an e-mail and attached was the above picture, and I knew the title and theme of my mix had been found. The mix itself contains much of the music sitting on my desk and in my inbox this morning. With songs from several of the artist that I hope to be featuring over the next few week, Yea Big & Kid Static, Real Live Tigers, Fever Marlene, and Annuals, this mix has been rolling through mind this past week while I write questions for each of these groups. I hope you enjoy "Two Men and A Bear", and keep an eye out for the upcoming interviews.

Artwork: "Untitled" (Two Men and A Bear) by Matthew Feyld

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