Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Watch List

1. Loose Lips Sink Ships - Ocean of sound... I never knew what that meant, perhaps I thought it was cliche or to abstract to be descriptive. Last night, Dekalb's Loose Lips Sink Ships made me realize, forced me against my will to feel there ocean of sound. the ever growing wave of feedback and swirling guitars. It swells, beginning with gentle droplets and amassing into a complex, at times abrasive, at other times extremely passionate blistering sound. There were two microphones on stage, but these kids did not even look at them once. In fact they clasp their over their mouths when addressing the audience. I say kids, they may have been college freshmen (may), but they play well beyond there appearance, and well beyond the size of the room , for that matter the town itself. Listen to: No. 1 (mp3)
2. The Sharks - "The Sharks started their music career not as a band, but as an Islamic terrorist group. After several hilarious and ill-fated attempts to destroy the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the change in popular attitudes toward jihadism following the unpopular attacks of September 11 forced the Sharks to re-organize as a conventional rock band." Well this statement alone makes them a perfect fit for Orange Alert. The Sharks just released their debut ep "Bridget Quits" this past week. Listen to: The Kids Know Best (mp3)
3. This is Me Smiling - Everyone smiles for different reasons, what might make you smile today may do nothing for you tomorrow. However, a rock song with a sparse little ragtime melody smack in the middle, that makes me smile today, tomorrow, and beyond! I saw this terrific Chicago band open for Sea Wolf last night, and I just had to smile. Listen to: A Better Way to Fall in Love (mp3)

1. "Reaching Aushak" by Roger Pincus - A well-written story of mistaken identity and alarm clocks that sound like toilets. This story was recently posted on Word Riot.
2. "The Slants" by Jason Jordan - Every time I read the work of Jason Jordan it seems to be written in a different voice, but there are elements that draw them all together. I found this interesting story of life in the Jordan household over at RAGAD.
3. "Movie" by Radomir Vojtech Luza - Luza is the co-poet of the week over at Poetry Super Highway.
4. "Because You Like To Listen To Stuff..." by Graham Sanford - Orange Alert is recommended by Gaper's Block!

1. Lawrence Yang "Departure" - This is a mini-portfolio from an artist who combine traditional Chinese painting and modern urban art. We will find out more about Lawrence Yang next week. - $15.99
2. "Reading Is Sexy" buttons - Sarah Utter has designed on of the coolest buttons I've seen in quite some time. This image is also available as a shirt or bumper sticker. - $1.25
3. Scintillating Publications announced this week that they are publishing three new chapbooks and here are the details.

Wayne Mason's chapbook is titled "Everyday is Labor Day," Rob Plath's is titled "Hooked to An IV Bag Full of Bile," and James O Shea's is titled "Ghost Scenes On My Mind's Eye."

Each one is $6 ppd and can be ordered directly from me via check, money order or well-hidden cash, made payable to Joseph Veronneau. His snail mail address is on the website, but here it is for easy reference:

Joseph Veronneau
21 Russell St.
Burlington VT 05401

1. Digital Slang #2 - The fine folks City Slang have release a free music sampler feature Stars, Caribou, Menomena, Malajube, and more.
2. Blanket Issue 6 release #2 - Featuring the work of Joe Penrod, Grant Barnhart, Michelle Arcila, Stephanie Lok and lots more.
3. Inbox goodies: June's Panic "Birthday Present" (mp3), The Octopus Project "Bees Bein’ Strugglin" (mp3), Realistic " The Camera Track" (mp3) Cryptacize - Cosmic Sing Along (mp3)

1. Meshach Jackson's tour video log part 1 and part 2 - Meshach gives you a sense of life on the road. More details soon on the album release.
2. I love Black Moth Super Rainbow, Dandelion Gum is a great album, but their new video for "Sun Lips"(mp3) is really quite disturbing.

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Jason Jordan said...

2. "The Slants" by Jason Jordan - Every time I read the work of Jason Jordan it seems to be written in a different voice, but there are elements that draw them all together.

Thanks a lot for reading! Yeah, I enjoy using first person narration more than any other type, even if the work is fiction, as "The Slants" is. My next collection will include tidbits about every story that I hope will enrich the reading experience. :)