Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Watch List

1. Arms - Arms is Todd Goldstein of The Harlem Shakes, and he has crafted a few very imaginative indie tunes. He currently has a single out on i-tunes called "Whirring", and a debut album out next year. There is more info on myspace. Listen to: Kids Aflame (mp3)
2. CoCoComa - Chicago, IL is home to the husband and wife team of Bill & Lisa Roe with Mike Fitzpatrick, and they love to play incredible dance-punk tunes. This music is fun and infectious! Listen to: Fever (mp3)
3. North of the City - It all about potential! Baraboo, WI is the place to be if have to be north of the city, and if you want to make quality electro-pop.

1. "The Boy who Thought Himself a Seal" by Andy Riverbed - Thieves Jargon is back from hiatus, and back with a wealth of great literature. This one was one of my favorites.
2. "Ten Halogens, and an Ordered Shade Explode to a/ One Disordered Glory" by Marty Esworthy - This is from the September issue of Literary Chaos. There is also a poem by Justin Hyde over there this month.
3. "Natural Selection" by Elizabeth J. Colen - I found this one over at Juked. I find myself drawn to tales of suburban life gone wrong.
4. "Fresh and Real Original - Talking Smack with Nick Ostdick" - This is great interview conducted by Ben Tanzer and featuring the editor of RAGAD Nick Ostdick.

1. Flotsam & Jetsam Limited Edition of 50 - The incredible Calvin Johnson has recently released this limited edition print through Thumbtack Press. $60
2. NRG Potato Chips - I would always get strange looks when I would order coffee with my meal at a business lunch, or brew at fresh during lunch in the cafeteria. Well, not anymore with the help of NRG caffeinated potato chips! - $29.70 (case of 30 bags)
3. Chicago Cubs 2007 NL Central Division Champions Shirt - Wow, that was quick! - $24.99

1. Cram Mag Issue #5 - This is a very well-written zine. Cram brings together the latest and greatest articles from popular websites and upcoming authors and produces it into an easy to read on screen or print, pdf-package. CRAM aims to be an informative and entertaining read, much in the same vein as Time, The New Yorker, or Wired magazines. Get it here.
2. To build my own Death Trap! - Haven't you always wanted to design your own cigarette box? If you have check Byodp today!

1. I don't know where I have been, but I just discovered "The IT Crowd". It is not the office, but it is still hilarious! Check out this video.
2. Beautiful rendition of a beautiful song, Beirut and Edward Droste "Cliquot" from La Blogotheque
3. Lucky Man, "The Man on the Street Testimonials" featuring Nick Ostdick, Sam, and some other guy...


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the mention. Juked is a great site. If you're interested, you'll find another tale online of treating children wrong in next month's Front Porch Journal. There will be vomiting, paperbacks, and Stevie Nicks.

Elizabeth J. Colen

Jason said...


I will be keeping an out for that one... not that I enjoy treating children wrong or anything. Maybe those types of stories illustrate what I have been doing right, I don't know. Anyway, I am glad you found the site and appreciate the comment.