Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Watch List

1. The Pathways - Brooklyn, NY is home to the aggressive young band. The released the second LP, "Gray Blaze" way back in February on Asaurus Records. Listen to: Last Buffalo (mp3) and Red Bed (mp3)
2. The Gaslamp Killer - L.A. brings the downtempo beats in the form of GLK. You can currently purchase a 75 minute instrumental mix directly from his myspace page for $10. Listen to: The Gaslamp Killer Megamix (mp3)
3. Dragons of Zynth - This bands debut album "Coronation Theives" will be released by Gigantic Records on October 2nd. They have opened for and recorded with TV on the Radio, and the also have received some help from Massive Attack. So if you can imagine the blending of those two bands you can image the sound of DOZ. Listen to: Get Off (Live on Daytrotter) (mp3)

1. "Summer Window Story" by Ling Ma: This story is currently up at THE2NDHAND, and it is from the Mixtape Series. This one is based on "What You Want" by My Bloody Valentine.
2. "Insomnia Door" by Blake Butler: This is from the latest issue of Diagram. I love Blake's lists.
3. The inaugural issue of mid)rib: This is a very high-tech, well put together lit journal featuring Tomas S. Butkus, Joel Chace,ReginaDerieva, Anna Fulford, H.T. Harrison, Scott Hartwich, Beth Joselow,Kerry Shawn Keys, Amy King, Sarah Maclay, Nicholas Messenger, BonnieJean Michalski, Matt Reiter, Susan M. Schultz, Lauren GoodwinSlaughter, Ted Stimpfle and Jim Warner. You are off to a great start mid)rib!
4. "The Vegan Muffin" by Tao Lin

1. QFO - Hybrid Turntable Mixer w/ Concorde Kit - Ever since I saw Craze & Klever at Lollapalooza I have been wishing for one of these. $1,199
2. Allison's Cookies - Tao Lin's story made we wish I had some vegan cookies. There is no better vegan cookies then those of Allison's Gourmet. $22.95/dozen
3. Art Dorks T-Shirt - Because their is a little Art Dork in all of us. $18

1. Manual Dexerity Summer 2007 Issue - This was one of my favorite zones of the summer, I can't be I did post this one sooner. Better late then never!
2. Great Lake Swimmer - Live from Church of the Redeemer - GLS is giving the ep away for free, it features backing vocals from the lovlt Ms. Basis Bulat. (Zip file)

1. The National "Apartment Story" - This new video just premired this week over at Spinner.
2. Hey Ladies Night - Dj BC (video by DJ Cougar )
3. Beat Battle 4 - featuring Copperpot, Meaty Ogre, and Kenny Keys

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