Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Release Tuesday

Photo by Tim And Barry

Tunng (pictured above) - Good Arrows Listen to: Bricks (mp3)
Stars - In Our Bedroom After the War (Stream) Listen to: The Night Starts Here (mp3)
Office - A Night at The Ritz (Stream) Listen to: The Ritz (mp3)
Jose Gonzalez - In Our Nature (Stream) Listen to: Teardrops (mp3)
Devendra Banhart - Smoke Rolls Down Thunder Canyon (Stream) Listen to: So Long Old Bean (mp3)
Iron and Wine - The Shepard's Dog Listen to: The Boy With A Coin (mp3)
Magik Markers - Boss Listen to: Taste (mp3)
Sea Wolf - Leaves In The River (Stream) Listen to: You're a Wolf (mp3)
Loney, Dear - Sologne (US Release) Listen to: The Battle of Trinidad and Tobago (mp3)
The Bird and The Bee - Please Clap Your Hands
Matt Pond PA - Last Light (Stream)
Mum - Go Go Smear The Posion Ivy Listen to: They Made Frogs Smoke 'til They Exploded (mp3)
Erin McKeown - Lafayette
Ewan Pearson - Piece Work Listen to: Song for the Fields (Ewan Pearson Remix) (mp3)
Army of the Pharoahs - Ritual Battle
Two Gallants - Two Gallants Listen to: Despite What You've Been Told (mp3)
Working For a Nuclear Free City - Businessmen & Ghosts
Athlete - Beyond The Neighbourhood
Ivan Ives - Iconoclast Listen to: Victory (feat. Vast Aire) (mp3)
Nellie McKay - Obligatory Villagers
The Cave Singers - Invitation Songs (Stream)

Knocked Up
Coffee Date

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