Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Morning Mix

This week's mix is inspired by several different things, but first and foremost this amazing painting by Libby Kleine Modern. However, it also marks my return to the site after a three and half day vacation (Hence the first song in the mix by Bobby Birdman). My thanks goes out to Dan for stepping up involvement with the site this weekend.

Also, track 9 on the mix would qualify me for the mixtape contest, if I could enter. It is that easy, just submit a short playlist and be entered to win.

Please enjoy "TV Wants to Plug into Enchilada Casserole" featuring music from The Shins, Jens Lekman, Animal Collective, Bodies of Water, Patrick Wolf and more...

Artwork: "TV Wants to Plug into Enchilada Casserole" by Libby Kleine Modern

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