Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Watch List

1. Mean Creek - Boston, Mass is home to this rocking indie band with a big sound. Their debut album is out on Clubhouse Records and it only cost $5. Listen to: Make Believe (mp3)
2. Reverend Beat-Man - The founder of the Swiss label Voodoo Rhythm, Reverend Beat-man plays dirty and dark blues, and sings in a gravel and aged voiced. He recently released his fourth LP "surreal folk blues gospel trash vol1''. Listen to: The Clown of the Town (mp3)
3. The Victor Williams Band - This Philly trio just released their debut EP earlier this week. Order your copy here.

1. //bountai//// by Justin Hyde - A nice poem from Justin courtesy The Guild of Outsider Writers.
2. "Two Valentines" by Steven D. Schroeder - A humours little piece from the Aug 07 edition of Unpleasant Event Schedule.
3. "Containers" by Jonathan Messinger - A very interesting short story that follows a week in the lives of two forensic detectives.

1. Seymore Sheep and Marty Mole vinyl toys by Metin Seven - $54.99 and $15.99
2. "Powering the Devil's Circus" by Jason Jordan - This is Jason's new collection of story stories -$12
3. Party People - The Panda Bear Summer Tour DVD - $5 - $13

1. CRU A #8 - This months issue features work from Dustin Parker among others, and it is free.
2. Cyclic Defrost #17 - This a quarterly zine focusing on "independent electronic music, avant-rock, experimental sound art and leftfield hip hop". This issue features interviews with Cocorosie, Panda Bear, and many more, and it is free.
3. Wallspankers Issue #4 Summer 2007 - This is their one year anniversary mega-issue, over 350 b/w printable sticker for free.

1. Ultimate Reality is a collaborative performance by Dan Deacon and Jimmy Joe Roche that combines an intense musical composition for electronics and two live drummers (from the bands Ponytail and Video Hippos) with a psychedelic montage of Arnold Schwarzenegger films that is projected at a monumental scale. The live energy of the performance with the popular content of the projection has allowed the piece to freely move between art and music venues and grant it a wide audience of appreciation. The forty minute music composition, written by Dan Deacon, blasts from three sets of loudspeakers during performance.
2. Calvin Harris tells you how to party responsibly or maybe he wastes 4 minutes of your time. Decide for yourself.
3. A look at things to come:

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