Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Watch List

1. Adam Taylor - Maryland folk singer, Adam Taylor has a voice that will take him far. Listen to: Untitled (mp3)
2. Fable & The World Flat - This Wisconsin band is one part hip-hop and one part indie rock, it is a beautiful combination. It get's me everytime.
3. Motorcade - Auckland , New Zealand sounds like an interesting place, and it is home to Motorcade. The name made me think of Motorhead, but their sound is more like The Killers, Franz, etc. Nice and fun indie-dance-pop, and there is nothing wrong with that. The band just released their second Ep "Into the Fall". Listen to: My Friends (mp3)

1. "Mining of Data Prompted Fight of U.S. Spying" by Scott Shane & David Johnston - I don't really care if Gonzalez lied, but the NSA's secret surveillance program is a major problem. Whether it is data mining or wire tapping, our freedoms are being taken in the name of security. We allow this because we are controlled by fear. Is it a coincidence that the same week of this scandal, word that the Taliban had regrouped came out?
2. "The Beautiful Ones" by Emerson Dameron courtesy The2ndhand
3. "The Symptoms of the End" by Doug Cornett courtesy this month issue of Fringe

1. The New College Pack - Ryan Waller is publishing a nice little mag, making t-shirts, and posters to pay for graduate school. $47.50
2. String Republic #33 Nate Williams designed Shoe - $42.80
3. Word Dance Issue #11 featuring Kaveh Akbar, S.A. Griffen, Miles J. Bell, and many more... - $5

1. Design and Life Special Issue #see! 01 - This issue gives you a great look at some of the local shops and food of Tokyo.
2. LVHRD MGZN 03 - dives head first into a world of threes: third dimensions, third bases, third political parties and various trinities are all explored via LVHRD’s creative community. Whoever said that good things come in threes was right was right was right. Download the issue and see for yourself.

1. Ben Tanzer "The Lost Interview" - Ben sits down with an up and coming interviewer.
2. Mr. Lif "Brothaz"
3. Rodrigo y Gabriella on The Interface performing "Tamacun"

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